Another post without a pint; I’m practically killing pubs !

From Brill we travelled to Thame for breakfast. Mrs RM didn’t even need a Spoons to work in, so we could actually choose somewhere decent.

Thame is a Home Counties cliche. We parked in Waitrose, next to the Churchill retirement homes, and passed a note on a lamppost celebrating something found rather than lost.

The directory of town centre facilities is telling.

It’s an attractive little town, famous for nothing, but busier than it looks in my shot.

Cornfield Bakery had the best ratings on Trip Advisor, and despite feeling a bit 1970s (the girl at the entrance actually phoned upstairs to see if there was a table free in the cafe) provided an inspirational avocado on toast*.

The radio played “Walk of Life”, Saturday Dad sang “uh huh” at the right moment to his toddler-with-chocochino, and Life was Good.

Last time in Thame , early in the life of this blog, I ticked the James Figg, a dull old place, and I couldn’t see any pre-emptive action here.

But it’s good to see a place resisting change so vigorously,

and I’m pretty sure the building below only open Tuesday 2-4.30 isn’t a micropub, yet.

We didn’t linger; my last Bucks tick awaited.

*Inspirational, as Mrs RM recreated the dish with some success this very lunchtime. But if you’re following her on instagram you’d know that.


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