At the end of the Great Northern Campervan Tickathon now, with a couple of South Lakes stragglers on the way home.

Two pubs just off the A595, separated by a mere two minutes drive. What could possibly go wrong.

Hardly any traffic anyway at Lowick Bridge, though a big scary note in the window telling me the pub would be shut as the owner was off on holiday (well-deserved).

Luckily, that holiday started the next day, though the minute before the door opened at 12:01 was one of the longest of my life.

Lowick Bridge’s Red Lion is a traditional little dining pub, with a chatty landlord who knew all the other pubs and served

Mrs RM had the engine running, and had the Sat Nav spouting out the most pointless directions of the year given it was 2 miles up Bessy Bank Lane to the Manor House at Oxen Park (pop c.7).

Sadly, the Ulverston cycling club had chosen that very moment to make the same journey up Bessy Bank, and a tortuous two miles took fifteen minutes in first gear.

Still, at least they’ll be a lovely basic boozer at the to[, eh ?

Well, no.

I like this place” said Mrs RM, as I caused an incident by attempting to purchase a beer AT THE BAR after being to sit down.

Top beer range, dull Bluebird, more taste in the Diet Coke.

No beermats either; they’d mess up the table I guess.

I wrote down “A waddle of young Jemimas“, which is either a comment on the customers or a rare Cutting Crew track on the Power Pop playlist (it’s the former).

I like this a lot” said Mrs RM. She’s easily impressed by tat on tables.

And that’s your lot, Cumbria. Slow, painful progress. You’re growing on me, but I reckon I’ll have a dozen outstanding come November 12th.


  1. A rather terse post – I can sense your interest is waning…

    There are plenty of pubs like that in the South Lakes, and all of them seem to serve Loweswater Gold 🙄

    Liked by 2 people

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