Now I’m reunited with my laptop I can bring you the post from our brief excursion into the Lakes Proper, before we head to the “characterful” West Cumbrian towns you really want to see.

Cumbria is a tricky county to complete, even though most of the Lakes pub have (traditionally) kept generous hours, to cater for the Hugos and Helens who come up all year long to pretend to climb hills in their Helly Hansens.

As you’ll see later, I’m making steady progress with the ticking, but the Scafell Hotel in Rosthwaite is typically miles from anywhere, accessible up a long track from Keswick or Buttermere that looks more scary on the OS extract.

I’d assumed the “Scafell” was just named after a famous peak, a bit like Blackpool has a nightclub named after the Moulin Rouge or something, but there it is, probably no more than 3 days walk away as we attempt to park in Rosthwaite.

Actually, Mrs RM decides she doesn’t fancy that walk now, “looks like rain” (it always look like rain here).

I’ll hover (and avoid paying the outrageous parking charge); you run along and tick it“. So I did.

There’s a lot of Lakes hotels bars in the Guide; rather them than micropubs. This one has a lovely display of GBG stickers. Which is your favourite ?

One picture tells you all you need, I guess. A decent bench along the wall, but otherwise those low stools without backs we all detest.

Glasses from Marstons, beer from Tirril (NBSS 3+), music from Albert Hammond (guess the song).

Hand wash from a new name.

It was OK. But the trek across Borrowdale was great, bar the close scrapes with bigger campervans and the lack of WiFi. If the Lakes want to get a more diverse crowd, they need to sort their internet out.


  1. Amused at how far it is from Scafell. Perhaps it is a Lake’s joke to confuse tourists – like the Dublin Castle in Camden, which has caught out a fair few Americans in the past.

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    1. When I worked in That London I was intrigued to hear that a workmate was “nipping up” to Watford Gap, for a party that night, and that he’d see me in the morning.

      He did, but he didn’t look too perky.


  2. There’s a Snowdon Hotel in Llandudno, of course.

    Which song by Albert Hammond? Well, I’m guessing it’s one of two…


    1. The Mexico Inn applied to the Mexican Embassy to become a Mexican Consulate so as to get round the smoking ban via diplomatic immunity. Unfortunately they were knocked back.

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  3. There’s an Abbey Road station on the Docklands Light Railway, which is not the stop to head for if you’re wanting to do the Beatles zebra crossing thing. It certainly used to have a poster telling you that you were in the wrong place!

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