Pub No. 3, one that had caused me some grief with its determination to be closed ,whenever I was in the vicinity. You never had this problem finding an open pub in medieval times.

Exelby lies just below the mysterious Leeming Bar Services, possibly the only place in the UK currently with fuel.

It looks like a lot of roadside village pubs in Richmondshire, tastefully modernised to attract Mrs RM and slightly infuriate Mr RM.

Only a couple of drinkers I’m at 4pm on Sunday, which is a common picture across the week, across the country.

The pub lovers have rushed back, the casuals aren’t so sure yet. If you’re not open till Thursday then Sunday is quiet, where’s the trade ?

That said, the welcome is warm, the Landlord jokes at my expense as I get the Guzzler and the Landlord mixed up a third time (don’t worry, all beer tastes the same), and the banter about “that Emma Radacamu” is almost respectful.

By now Mrs RM is desperate for crisps, so I get sea salt and a bowl of nuts, and it all feels pretty pubby, particularly as the beers are both cool and crisp (3+). I’ve no idea who makes York Guzzler these days, but there’s a decent beer hiding in there if it sells within a month.

Onward and upwards. And, indeed, sideways.

12 thoughts on “IT’S OH SO QUIET

  1. Guzzler is brewed now at Masham by Black Sheep, after the brewery was forced to close by the property landlords…

    Trade patterns here are very odd at the moment – midweek evenings have bounced back, possibly better than ever the last couple of weeks. Fridays and Saturdays are hit and miss though (as you can probably tell by the fact I have time at half 5 on a Saturday to read a blog about places I’ll never get to ;-)). Generally more miss at the moment, I think the over cautious people are avoiding the times they think will be busy, so consequently the tumbleweed and staff outnumber the customers sometimes…

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  2. Pubs in Shetland heaving on Friday nights and all day Saturday. They’ll be dead tomorrow though, although that may have something to do with the 68 mph winds we have forecast.

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  3. Have you messed up the formatting with this one and failed to shrink the photos? It takes ages to load.

    That room looks absolutely horrendous 😦

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    1. I think “have you messed up ?” is generally enough !

      But actually, no, it looks fine on my laptop and phone, though it was produced on a phone in an achingly trendy Windsor bakery which may account for it. I don’t actually reduce the photos normally, they just fit. Wonder if anyone else has noticed anything.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Yvonne, It’s always great to hear from Wiltshire, whether Swindon or Swallowcliffe.

      I’m keen to know what part of rural Wilts it is now !

      Just redid the post on the laptop so we’ll see if that improves the pics.


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