It was 23 minutes from the Barbican to Temple on public transport and 23 minutes on foot.

Clearly most people would have taken the bus, or stood waiting for the Uber, or given up.

Walking London is one the great free pleasures, along with queueing for fuel and reading MumsNet, and is particularly enjoyable in our beautiful Autumn with quiet streets that allow you to walk across roads reading your mobile phone.

The problem with walking London is the risk of distraction. “Oooh, should I pop in the Olde Cheshire Cheese and see how much Humphrey is charging for fruit beers these days ?”.

But I press on to the George, aka George at the Temple, and possibly other names.

Note the absence of vertical drinkers on the street.

I’m convinced I’ve been here before; I’ve certainly done the Temple Brew House and another pub down an alley just off The Strand. Would that have been the Edgar Wallace ?

There’s been much gnashing of teeth about the lack of cask in London on Discourse and other disreputable beer discussion sites.

I blame the drinkers. What sensible publican would put on nine beers when one is plenty, often more than enough. The house beer, which I’ll “George Ale”, was less than a fiver, cool and foamy (NBSS 3+).

But my memory of the George is laughter. They may not be packed but Londoners are enjoying their pubs again.

And the Landlady/guvnoress stopped for a chat about trade. At 5pm on a Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever had a meaningful chat at the bar in London before. But it happened a few times that day. And it was lovely.


  1. “Oooh, should I pop in the Olde Cheshire Cheese and see how much Humphrey is charging for fruit beers these days ?”.
    £6.50 for a Cherry Beer when I popped into The Champion a couple of weeks ago pre-100 Club for the marvellous EX-TC.

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    1. ONLY £6.50, Dan ?!

      I’ve a feeling I paid more in Gloucester or certainly the one near Marble Arch, a couple of years ago.

      Whatever, an excellent choice and a marvellous beer. Sam Smiths don’t get enough credit for the quality of their beers, except in the States.


    2. Aren’t EX-TC old members of XTC as opposed to a complete tribute? As far as I’m concerned, it’s OK for musicians to make a living from the music they helped to make in the first place (see Bruce Foxton and From The Jam).

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      1. Yes, EX-TC feature XTC drummer Terry Chambers. I’ve now seen them twice – there’s a lot of love for the music of XTC as the real thing stopped performing live a long time ago. Due to demand, they’re planning a bigger tour for 2022, watch as they say, this space.
        Sam Smiths-wise on this trip I tried The Crown New Oxford St, The Angel St Giles, The Fitzroy Tavern, The Champion and The Chandos. All up to usual standards, if you like Smith’s pubs. Prices have gone up a bit, though…

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  2. I like the compromise they have in The George: put the restaurant upstairs and keep the bar for drinking.

    “another pub down an alley just off The Strand.” – have you ever been to the Nell Gwen? Almost literally a hole-in-the-wall.

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