Well, I forgot to write about the actual new GBG tick in Bedlington, so here’s the Box Wood Tap, at 15:59.

Yes, one minute before promised opening the shutters were down and I had an expression as worried as this fella. But with more clothes on.

Sometimes the promised opening time should be taken in the Italian manner, as merely indicative. Often it will be the time the owner of staff member arrives at the door to start preparing for opening.

But to the Box Wood’s credit the shutters then rose and at EXACTLY 4pm I was inside, admiring the (Blyth) spartaness of the interior.

Basic it may look, but it’s definitely the classiest new entry in Northumberland this year.

You can trust a pub with a cocktail glass full of chilli peppers, waiting for BRAPA to eat one after six pints.

It felt VERY beery, in a good way, but I resisted the craft and finished the county with a pint of real murk from Two by Two from Wallsend.

I fear there may have been some beery conversation about Equinox hops and how Newcastle is impossible to keep up with before the first real punters turned up to claim the table under the Bedlington Terrier.

It was, in truth, as good a pint as I’ve had all month (NBSS 3.5/4), but I really wish I’d had the Landlord to see what a quality micro can work with it.

Who knows, it might even benefit from a dash of chilli. Anything goes round here.


  1. A pedant writes:

    “Er, the area you have just inked in is Northumberland. Or do you mean you have completed the entire region including Durham and Tyne & Wear?” 🤔


  2. Well done on completing Northumberland Martin.

    One of the more interesting counties to target in my opinion – I may even be tempted out of pubbing retirement myself at some point for a return there.


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