Last time in Chester I was less than effusive about the walls, prompting stout defence from locals and sons of the county.

I’m happy to apologise to them now.

After leaving the Rows,

we did the full tourist circuit for the first time in years,

and headed to the clock, wondering what to do next.
Well, just walk, I guess. The views from the walls are all you need.

Chester was heaving on the Sunday before the Bank Holiday. Sadly, there was some terrible Coldplay covers being performed at the top of Northgate, and we had to scuttle on.

We briefly considered a cheap tea at hypha,

No tea found by foragers, thank you, Mrs RM was determined to produce our own “grazing board” from the Sainsbury’s on the cheap.

In the end, I think it cost about £12 to nibble olive and bread sticks in a campervan next to a Covid centre, but you live and learn.


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