Keep right on to the end of the road (just don’t expect cask)

I opted for the Royal George as a nightcap to my evening of Brummie GBG ticking.

Some attractive housing estates on the way to St Andrews,

and a mystery pub for Life After Football to identify.

A mere sliced clearance behind the Railway Stand,

not that our next pub celebrates any such cloggers;

Actually, pubs in Brum seem more obsessed with fictional characters these days.

Was I apprehensive about entering the Royal George ?

Not at all; if challenged I’d sing the club song “Marching on together” and tell them I knew former club legend Ian Taylor and we’d all be buddies, like in St Mirren.

Actually, it’s a Proper Pub inside, though I chose the wrong side, and couldn’t see the expected bank of handpumps in the lounge.

So I panicked and picked Carling, as recommended by top beer Brummie Pete Allen. £2.90 ! Take that, Londoners.

I should have picked Guinness, but (honestly) I hadn’t seen the Guinness font.

The Carling was gassy, the stereo was tinny, but it was playing UB40’s “Kingston Town” and “Golden Brown” by the Stranglers, and while everyone else was moving in and out, in and out, no-one seemed to mind me sitting on the bench enjoying it all.

The news of Grealish’s defection to City was greeted with the roar normally reserved for a 95th minute Blues equalizer, and I resisted the temptation to say “And it’ll be ‘arry Kane next“.

Time for another ?

9 thoughts on “Keep right on to the end of the road (just don’t expect cask)

  1. The last time that I was in the Royal George “Wild Horses” by the Stones was playing. It might have sounded a bit tinny back then too.

    The brickwork of the fireplace was embossed “Bordesley Brick Co.” or such words. I hope that it has survived the “refurbishments” of the last decade or so.

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  2. I wonder if there’s a blue plaque down on that railway line marking the landing point of a particularly legendary early 1990s hoofed clearance? My self-preservation tactic for the Royal George was to recognise pictures of a young Kenny Burns and hope for the best! Cheers, Paul

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  3. A marvellous choice of pub sir!! Along with The Roost you are deep in Blues territory there…I often think what Mrs BB or Mrs RM for that matter would think if we arranged to meet them in the hotel lobby of The George 😳
    Is it the now defunct Sportsman just up Garrison Lane from the now defunct Garrison Tavern
    Do I win a keg of Carling as my prize?

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