Another set up post to bring my pub free photos together.

You left me in Wylde Green. Not exactly wylde but bewyldered at my options for the rest of the night.

Let’s ask Mr Basic Brum Boozer.

Well, he clearly wanted me to go to Bainsy’s Bar to admire the mural of the 1992 promotion winning side.

But Bainsy’s Bar doesn’t sound very pubby, does it ?

I decided to dawdle through Digbeth and decide when I got there. Wherever “there” was.

“You should have gone to the Wellington.” says Beer Twitter. “300 beers on”.

Where’s the fun in that ?

I love Digbeth, even though it feels less scary on each trip as young people discover its charms and set up trendy bars there. Don’t they know how that ruined Kelham Island ?

Vegans too. They get everywhere.

Even the terrifying underpasses aren’t terrifying anymore. Is East Brum losing its USP.

Not quite.

But then I reach the Bordesley ring road near St Andrews and SHOULD have had the Chicken Tikka to from Big John’s.

But I never learn.

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