I’m afraid this blog is a bit pub-heavy at the moment, lacking those in-depth appraisals of the art, architecture and artisanal pizza of our UK towns.

My recommendation is Jane Stuart’s review of her trip to Bristol this weekend, which will guide you to the best cask, Colston (statue) and Bristol Rovers condoms. It’s a masterpiece.

I went to Bollington and didn’t even take a photo of the pott at Pott Shrigley. It was raining; we’re in Macclesfield, so obviously it was raining.

But I did get some good shots inside

Well, there’s two things I immediately like about the Cotton Tree. Opening times (every day !) prominently displayed, and that loveable Bass lantern.

But does a Bass lantern guarantee Bass ?


Quite a task spotting it behind the perspex at the bar, as the Covid precautions remain firmly in place here.

They feel a bit at odds with a traditional wet-led pub that looks like it should have been in the GBG before now, but competition is high for places in East Cheshire.

At the bar a young chap is asking for tasters of the Hobgoblin Gold. One of the unexpected benefits of Covid was the death of tasters and beer festivals. He enthuses about the aromas and buys a pint to go along with his Staropramen.

I don’t need a taster of the Bass, of course, and instead bore the landlady by talking about brass.

It’s a lovely pub, and a lovely cool pint of foamy Bass in the Derbyshire tradition (NBSS 3.5),

This is definitely the place to come if you want to hear “Wanted” by the Dooleys, instead of 2021 R & B, and enjoy discussing canal rings.

Come for the locks, stay for the lacings.


  1. To my eye that is a horrible modern interior. I was once recommended to go here by Rob Nicholson as an example of a traditional corner local, but was far from convinced.


      1. It’s the ceiling “beams” with the deliberately notched corners, which perhaps tell the story.

        I lived in Macc for a few years, but hardly ever went to Bollington.


      2. Aye, the late Ian Curtis, and Noddy Holder still does live there, as does Mr Methane (born 1963 in Macclesfield) as Paul Oldfield, the world’s only currently performing flatulist

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    1. Reading Martin’s blog for several years has convinced me that the most needed business course in Britain is “Interior Design and Shop Fitting for new Micropub Owners”

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  2. Fabulous looking Donor Kebab meat sizzling away in the window. I feel a Bass coming on tomorrow, it’s a rainy day pint to my mind rather than a Summer beer. National Bass Day would be best rescheduled to (say) 25th December?

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    1. That would clash then! Nothing much happening on the 25th, Sunday and a couple of Bank Holidays for some reason to sleep off the excess.

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  3. What percentages of conversation bore the publican\server versus interest the publican\server? Never having served I have no idea. They seem to do a great job of feigning interest…


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