For a dormitory town of 22,000 Kenilworth is (or was) well-pubbed.

I’ve now managed eleven (11) Guide pubs including this latest couple, all of them decent, some crackers.

But you’re bored of pubs, you want to see wattle and daub and castle ruins now. So did I.

And Dave loved the little animals you get on the top of thatched houses that you don’t get in Minneapolis.

Controversial view; Kenilworth is more attractive than Warwick. Or Stratford. Or even Coventry.

Unspoilt by theme parks and car parks and as tranquil as it gets round here, I realised I hadn’t visited for at least a decade and felt a little ashamed, but it’s the GBG’s fault.

OK, the ancient pubs along the High Street look a bit twee these days,

but Everards have kept the Virgins & Castle (a medieval computer game, apparently) in the Guide for 20 years.

There used to be some great Brew XI in backstreet pubs here; I see the Engine east of town still has it on, though the WhatPub entry that bemoans the lack of a railway station suggests some info. may date back to medieval times too.

But I applaud the local CAMRA branch for sticking a genuine estate roof into the Guide this year.

I can’t pretend the Gauntlet is going to have the crafties from Cov visiting in their droves, but it’s an exemplar community boozer with a lovely Proper Job on.

Throwing down the gauntlet to Stratford to up its game, anyway.

7 thoughts on “KENILWORTH CASTLE

  1. Kenilworth looks like a lovely town indeed. Who could not love carved rooftop animals?

    I’ll never stop being amazed by the fact that England’s got pubs that can casually declare that their history goes back to 1563. Does the inside of the place look like it goes back that far? I do wonder what Russ would have to say about the name “Virgins and Castle.” 😉

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