If you can’t use your children to promote your own blog, what use are they ?

Both of our lads came over for the Sheffield Tramlines Festival last week. They must have been desperate for something to do, as the line-up struck me as old skool. In a bad way.

Mrs RM went with the boys; I did the Fringe.

It was good to see Hillsborough buzzing with life, though I nearly killed the Millennials Gen-Z’ers walking down the middle of the actual tram lines rather than the pavements on the way home.

We got the best of the weather on Friday.

and headed to the Cutlery Works for lunch.

This is one of those converted industrial premises, like Mackie Mayor or YES, where you sit on trestle tables and hope no-one else joins you, and order via App from open kitchens round the outside. You have to be careful to get your delivery from the right kitchen as the App covered venues in Liverpool and you could end up sending Pad Thai to Scousers.

I ordered some nice Thornbridge keg from Boozehound Craft Bar to go with my squid.

Wait, what’s Matt drinking in that funny glass ?

It’s the cask, less than £4” said Matt, confirming himself as “one of us” (value drinkers, not casketeers).

I had a sip. Very cool and tasty, and wandered over to see the “bar” as you’re allowed to do that again now.

C-Bomb from Brew Foundation, I guess.

Look, I had one too, even though it’s in one of those Old Men handled glasses the Z Generation love.

Make a note. 23 July 2021, the day the lad had cask and I had keg.

Oh, and it’s on What Pub so I guess;

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 39, Boozehound, Cutlery Works, Kelham

9 thoughts on “CASK KIDZ

      1. It’s likely Steeleye Span and Wreckless Eric were late additions to the bill.

        I recognise about half those names on the poster, but could only name you a song by half a dozen of them. And one of those is one of the 100 greatest songs of all time.

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      1. Well if Nicola lets us out today, should have my first gig on the 2nd of next month. A few things in the pipeline, but not a lot of it particularly exciting, but anything is going to sound good at present.


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