I saw Lawnmower Deth at Download once. I think their shortest song was 93 seconds.

In truth, I could have walked round Southport Lawnmower Museum in 93 seconds too, but then I’d have failed to bring you the evidence of Joe Pasquale’s Lawnmower, the prime exhibit.

In more truth, I only went in because Blackpool Jane shamed me into going on her Southport post, and I’d hate to be on my deathbed wondering if it’s worth the £3 admission.

It is, in fact nearly all provincial British museums are worth the charge, especially Leatherhead Town Museum.

I hate gardening, of course, but I love the way the history of grass cutting over the centuries (grass was only invented in 1742) is interspersed with donations from minor celebrities like Prince Charles.

There’s an audio commentary that blew up while I was there, so just as well they didn’t have the live demo with children running about that day.

Not much for the beer lover, disappointingly, but you should be able to track down these two for 99p in B & M Bargains.

If you do go, you MUST look at the visitor book. Some famous names have diverted here between the micro pubs and the Morrisons.

Oh, and there’s a micropub next door. But it probably won’t be open.


  1. Joe Pasquale’s device seems to be a lawn aerator. Does that count?
    I see the visitor from Wrexham was lost for words. Probably still pining for Border Bitter.
    I hate gardening too. The museum can have my lawnmower if they want, they’re welcome to the damn thing. AstroTurf is the way to go.

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  2. The brown sign announcing the museum entrance opposite the museum sign seems a bit of overkill.

    Perhaps Southport is a little short of attractions requiring the attention of the council brown Signage Department?


  3. I love these type of museums. One of the greatest things about Europe in my opinion. You never know what you are going to find in one of these.

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    1. Germany has the best museums, particularly the city ones (Bonn political history, Dortmunds museum of the office, Speer technical museum) though the free ones you get in towns where they recreate early 20th century life are always good too.


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