The big news this morning is that double-jabbed Americans will be able to visit us without isolation from next month. They might not be able to go back home, but who cares ? They can stay in our garage as long as they want as long as they make me a coffee at 6am each morning.

The UK is looking wonderful this year. my Dad says the trees look bigger and greener than ever, and I took the canal footpath from the Old Hall to Whaley Bridge with a song in my heart.

It’s a song you won’t know as you’re not hip enough.

Whaley Bridge, halfway between Manchester and Sheffield, scene of my last Black Eyed Friday in 2019 where I drank Bass in the Goyt,

and traditionally best known for the trad pub charm of the Shepherds Arms accessed via the cobbles.

But this year’s Whaley winner in the Guide is the new micro (looks shocked).

Some people would have done all the other pubs before the Nook opened at 4 but I’m not that person and I stuck to a walk round the wharf.

Charming but inessential, but the Cafes were doing good business even if the pubs seemed a little unloved.

On the stroke of 15:59:30 I stood outside the Nook and watched as they opened up for the first time since 2020.

Quite emotional, particularly with the 12″ version of YMCA playing.

Over a lovely pint of Kinder Stout it took a while to strike up conversation, but eventually I bonded with the landlady over a missing piece of slate with the beers written on it.

I blamed the man, which always goes down well with women.

And then I made a dash down the hill to Buxworth to attempt to finish Derbyshire.

8 thoughts on “WA HEY IT’S WHALEY !

  1. Isn’t it a legal blogging requirement to use the ‘Where’s Whaley’ joke? Anyway, those Mon-Sat opening hours and ‘30 minutes with no return within an hour’ could’ve been designed for the Retired Martin quest. Take note other pubs!…

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