A quick post to celebrate the conquering of Derbyshire GBG entries on a warm Tuesday in July, always a tough place to come and get a tick.

You left me at the Whaley Nook, wondering how long it would be before E. Wild the butcher had been in business.  The short telephone numbers are always telling.

The walk back to Buxworth left me with several questions.

My train from Chinley Station left at 24 past the hour. Google says it takes 27 minutes to walk from the Buxworth Club.

IF the club opened a few minutes early (as they often do), could I dash and make the 17:24 ?

And if not, would I pop back down the hill in search of decent Landlord at the ex-GBG Navigation to kill an hour ?

Arriving at the Buxworth Club at 16:33 I discovered there is NOTHING to do in the village except sit in the scenic children’s play area scaring off toddlers and consider buying Mrs RM tickets for the “Tropic Pamper” (with free mini Prosecco).

Oh, and the sign still says “Bugsworth”, the trad name, which will surely confuse BRAPA. As will the proximity to the pre-school.

By 16:57, with no sign of life, I’d given up on the 17:24 train.

But then a nice lady appeared from nowhere, like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben, and called out

“We’re not open for a few minutes”. Was I really loitering with such intent ?

Whatever, I followed her to the door and stood there

At 17:01 I was standing at the bar with a fistful of change, apologising for my futile plan to catch a train 27 minutes away when I hadn’t even chosen a beer yet (Storm Brewing, NBSS 3).

“You’d never have made that !” the nice lady said, handing me my change as I placed the empty glass on the bar top at 17:03.  We’d even had time to discuss her exciting foreign travels at 17:02.

Anyway, you know where this is heading, don’t you ?

Still got it. 


  1. Brilliant love how you had to let the barmaid know about your successful mission. Well done must have nearly been a record as well for necking a half.

    Liked by 1 person

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