One left to do to complete Lincolnshire (YOU do it) and a dash to Grimsby bus station via blocks of ice and fish smoking factories.

I’m afraid the number 51 to Louth is not a good advert for the bus, but then I’ve never liked buses, ever since Sally of the 3rd form puked up in one on the way back from Ilam Hall.

The closure of Louth Station gives it something of an otherworldly air, a bit like Mansfield used to have.

Go on Chris Dysons blog and read all about it.

I needed to tick the White Horse and get out of town.

Two lovely ladies running what I think is the only Louth pub I hadn’t been in, but how is that possible when it serves Bass ?

The gaffer lady came over with my pint and £1.50 in change, even before I’d got my fiver out.

“Female intuition” I jested. #CasualSexismMe

The bloke who beat me in was good value, Guinness drinkers generally are, and we debated Covid as if we had a clue what we were talking about.

So I finished Lincs on a high, with a decent Bass, and wish young Si all the luck in the world with the public transport.

6 thoughts on “LUSH LOUTH

  1. Louth is a really nice town with an air of timelessness about it. We found an old fashioned cafe which did food that you don’t see anymore. I remember the huge vegetables in the market fry text tx to t by t I see r a zrzt Hello res we we rseZ


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