Wine !

Yes, it’s not just me who’s tired of beer. Particularly when there’s no cask, as was the case in Sheffield fun pub Church – Temple of Fun. See ? Even got “fun” in the name.

An impressive reworking of the old Samuel Osborn works to provide some of Kelham Island’s best pub seating in those octagonal spaces.

Michelangelo painted the ceiling on his day off.

One of the hardest of venues to implement Covid rules in, and one of the most difficult to shift cask in, though there were two flavoured ciders as that’s what the kidz want alongside the exciting keg.

Actually there were children in, wondering where the video games had gone, and other old people like us debating things as important as why my notes had gone awry;

It seems I’d accidentally loaded the Albanian version of Qwerty. Mrs RM sighed deeply and fixed it.

I rewarded her by ignoring the Magic Rock and Beavertown and ordering a bottle of the organic red from Sicily to celebrate Italy’s Euro win (belatedly). The food seems to be entirely vegan, including these duck fries which were a joyous sticky mess.

Is it a pub ? Well, I’m claiming it, as you can pop in for a beer, which I’ll do again when they stick the Abbeydale Moonshine just to score it a 3.

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 35 – Church, House of Fun and I’ll fight you in court.

I have NO idea what was going on in the confession box, but I bet it involved tasters.


      1. They do have part of Lake Ohrid, which is the deepest in the Balkans. Sadly, the state of Albanian Railways is such that there is no longer a service there.


    1. Mrs. E has been experimenting with orange wine – made from green grapes, not from oranges. It’s basically white wine with the faintest tinge of orange.

      IMO it tastes much like white wine too, but perhaps with a firmer character, as has red wine – I gather that they leave in the skins.

      Seems a bit pricey for what it is TBH, but I thought that your pic looked similar in tint, Martin.


  1. “The UK throws away thousands of tons of food each year”.

    “That’s terrible”

    “It’s nearly all salad”

    “Oh, that’s OK then” says nearly everyone.

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