Looking back at these photos from the Kendal trip, something struck me hard. Why do they peter out in Preston.

Also, why did I stop in Preston when one of the two new GBG ticks (the Ferret) was closed till Wednesday ?

And then I suddenly remembered the Tinderbox IPA I’d had in the Fell Bar and not told you about (which may have occasioned the singing of Graceland) and realised I’d put back quite a bit in the 2 hours after the pubs actually opened in Kendal. Oh dear.

Honestly. Nothing else can explain these notes;

In normal circumstances I’d have contacted Matthew Lawrenson 5 minutes before I arrived and pestered him to join me for a half between trains, surely.

Never mind, I’m sure he’ll want to join me in the Ferret.

With only half an hour and a ten minute walk to the Plau it seems daft to stop to take photos of pubs,

But at least I went in Plau, rather than accidentally venturing into the Dark Room.

If I kicked over the “A” board I apologise.

Covid rules were in place so I MUST have hovered by the bar,

and been seated for at least long enough to order and sink a half (oh, actually a pint) of a lovely Blackjack Pale.

Good grief, those lacings are marvellous.

Much more a restaurant than a pub, but a classy one, and when I next come back to the UK’s greatest pub city (don’t @ me, Lancaster), I’ll take Mrs RM there to eat.

Mind, I think she prefers the Mick’s Mixed Grill, you know.


  1. Friargate is A-board hell. I’m sure I’ve tripped up on every one of those at some time making my way from the Black Horse to the Vinyl Tap.

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  2. Saw a very fine house for sale in Preston. The only trouble was no one wanted to move with me. Maybe I should give them one last chance and then just go for it.

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    1. I actually looked at a house in Preston over Christmas 2019 but Mrs RM chickened out (no space to park the camper) and then our lad moved to Sheffield and made her, I mean our, minds up. But it is a great city.


    1. BlackJack is one of the very few breweries whose beers I appreciate for their quality and craftmanship even if they are not always to my taste. I’d never bothered too much what they looked like, but yeah: nice lacings, as the man says.

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