I had another 45 minutes between trains at Oxenholme; you’d be amazed how much of GBG ticking involves being stranded at stations for irritating amounts of time that challenge your bladder and patience.

The Centre for Studies reports that in 2019 (latest figures) rail passengers spent over 3.1 billion hours on Oxenholme Station platform wondering why no-one has opened a craft beer shop/taco bar/cinema.

Wiki says “Oxenholme has a low crime rate; during 2009 there was only one reported crime, involving a light cable being removed from a trailer”.

Feeling relatively safe, I decided to explore.

Ooh, scary.

Oh, go on, do the local pub, retiredmartin, it might be OK even if it’s not in the GBG. As Mrs RM says, many of the best pubs aren’t in the Beer Guide (she’s wrong, but don’t tell her). Confusingly, it’s five minutes walk from the station so it doesn’t get much trade from stranded passengers, but last Tuesday it was pleasantly busy with locals in the garden enjoying the fine weather I’d brought from Sheffield.

Being contrary, I sat inside at the bar.

The week before “Freedom !”, so if you go now you won’t have to put up with crime scene tape and bar codes.

Yes, it’s Otter. What’s Luppitt’s finest doing in the Lakes ? Is it that cheap now ?

It was OK. Cool enough, frothy enough, tasty. Enough. NBSS 2.5; I’ll have worse.

A nice plain pub where the landlord and bar staff talk to you and remember your scratchings.

And if you go this Sunday you get to see a wagon pull and DJ Big K. Winner.


  1. I’ve been there once. Quite a pleasant pub, as I recall, but it seems to have had a bit of a makeover since my visit in 2013 (https://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/61059/ – four beers on the go!), going by your photos and my probably faulty memory. It’s an easy enough walk from the station, but if you’re waiting for a connection and you’ve a holiday’s worth of luggage with you, you’re not likely to make the effort. Luckily, beer and pub tickers are not usually so burdened.

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  2. I dropped in on Saturday 30 June 2018. Found it quite pleasant and a decent pint. Not sure of the last time it featured in the gbg as I still don’t have access to my database (pc failed in november 2019 and cannot be bothered sorting).

    An interesting day. That was a period when Northern were unable to provide a service on the Windermere branch, so the DfT were running a FREE loco hauled shuttle using resources from West Coast Railways at Carnforth.

    Plus I got to watch France hammer Argentina in the World Cup at the Jolly Anglers outside Burneside station.

    Did other venues in Kendal and Staveley too.

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    1. It was a decent pint last week, Mark, particularly by the standards of Scottish GBG entries, and a Cheery all-rounder. If I went again I’d definitely have a Guinness or lager rather than the cask and I guess that’s where the circle starts.


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