Yes, after Notts, the next day I licked Leicester, and coming up you’ll see I Lasso (?) Lincs and Defeat Derbyshire.

July 11th was also a busy one for our pubs, and I popped home to watch the Final with Dad even though you’ll know I don’t approve of TV football.

My lads were watching it with the whole of Manchester and annoying Dad with shameful glassware. Can you name the “pub” ?

July may turn out to a pivotal month, the overs 36-39 of the ticking year if you like, as I start to convert the counties into pink. Full report (+ spreadsheet !) coming up.

In normal GBG years Leicestershire would have fallen with the autumn leaves, but as the epicentre of Covid a year ago a number of pubs weren’t even open when the Guide emerged.

The Queen’s Road Tap takes me to the cosmopolitan Clarendon Park area of town (someone on Twitter asked me to call it that) for the first time since THAT crawl.

It’s a colourful area, with a church, diner and Elvis for everyone. Perhaps it’s Leicester’s Stoke Newington.

Fertile ground for a Tollgate Brewery bar.

with the same less-than-classic seating as in the Ashby-de-la-Zouch flagship.

Hopefully we’ll soon be able to look back at photos like this and wonder what sort of hipster DIPA they were serving in those plastic bottles.

The young barman was a model of enthusiasm, applauding my beer choice (the Tollgate IPA), which was tasty and well presented (NBSS 3+) although the heat was taking its toll on the lacings.

Another chap, possibly even a ticker (though he went for a pint and most tickers aren’t pint men) came and followed my lead, and perhaps if I’d stayed long enough we could have had an exciting conversation about hop varieties across the high table.

But I had to get home to see Football Come Home, scoff a Chinese takeaway, and pink in Leicestershire.

Oh well.

7 thoughts on “LEICESTER LICKED

  1. Too enthusiastic with that pinking i’m afraid. You have taken out a fair chunk of Rutland. With it being such a small county it cannot afford to lose so much land !

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  2. Yes, he is a very enthusiastic barman.
    I moved to Clarendon Park from London and it does remind me of Stoke Newington: it doesn’t have a tube station either!

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