Another year, another trip to Cottingham, easily confused with Cottenham in Fen Edge land.

I feel obliged to bring you some startling new angle on this dormitory town, but it’s a tough ask.

Luckily, the station itself provides a new star.

Not just the deck chairs and flowers in treacle, but the pure charm of the Old Lamp Room, as classy a station cafe as you’ll find, AND the staff were singing along to The Jungle Book OST.

The town itself is plainer than I remembered from all of 18 months ago,

though the art trail that maintains that Jungle Book theme is a delight (if you’re six).

There’s a thriving cultural scene as well, with up-and-coming Scousers China Crisis delivering their jangly pop in late September.

But if you want counselling you’ve a micropub style window of opportunity.

Speaking of micros. I’ve just checked the Bumper Book of BRAPA Facts and on average a ticker will walk past a new Guide micropub 2.7 times before noticing it. And that’s exactly how many times I passed the Hugh Fitz-Baldric.

If you reach the other Cottingham GBG entry you’ve gone 5 yards too far.

Hugh was a robust centre-forward from Driffield in the Bob Latchford style who saw Hull Tigers compete successfully in Div III (N) in the inter-war years. That’s another BRAPA fact you’re welcome to.

I couldn’t fault the Hugh. It was open early, the nice lady apologised six times for still setting up the stout, and then said “I’ll serve you now young man“.

There was a good flow of mixed custom from opening at 14:00, drawn by the welcome and the Lewis Capaldi/Florence soundtrack as much as the micro brews (Salopian Lemon Dream the favourite), and my Tim Taylor Landlord was worth the wait, even if the lacings don’t quite convince.

And Haltemprice ? A medieval name for the Parliamentary constituency I didn’t believe when David Davis sent it into the spotlight in 2008. A bit like Spen, or Weaver Vale. We need more obscure names for geographical areas if you ask me.

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