More from Builth Wells which, aided by the sunshine I bring to all Welsh towns, looked in decent nick despite the lack of custom.

Duncan had done the hard yards the night before and sadly confirmed a lack of Draught Bass.

Here’s the statue of someone disappointed at the lack of Bass in 1847.

You can buy anything in Builth (except Bass); even a church.

I’d booked a table for tea over the bridge, but not till 20:15 when the Thai chef turned up (apparently). So just time for a pre-emptive at the Greyhound Hotel.

This was an immaculate provincial hotel with lovely service (“You’re VERY welcome“) with chaps in suits and Pringle cardigans and discussions about unreadable spreadsheets. You could have been in the Conservative Club in Llandrindod Wells. I was in my element.

My notes say “Someone brought Butty back“, which I thought was the return of a duff pint but apparently it’s just autocorrection of Butty Bach. Anyway, I had the Rev James in a Worthington glass and it was as immaculate as the pub.

The lacings never lie.

7 thoughts on “WHOOSH !!!

  1. The White Horse looks attractive from outside, but internally has been drastically modernised in a Miami Vice chrome-and-mirrors style.

    Many years ago I had some Draught Bass in the Lion opposite the bridge.

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