This guy is the toilet roll holder in the Firs, our rather wonderful B & B last Wednesday in Builth Wells. Remind you of anything ?

We finally met up with Duncan, having somehow persuaded him to eat as well as drink on a ticking day. This picture shows an excited group of pub tickers straining to get the best view of The Pubmeister;

Builth was looking quite picturesque early evening,

and I paused to annoy the Hockney-esque street art,

before noticing Duncan on the bridge over the Wye.

ue to an ongoing legal case I can’t bring you more pictures of Duncan’s knees, but here’s a rare shot of the master’s notes to prove we did indeed met.

I don’t know about you but I prefer Simon’s hand-drawn scrawl (only joking, am just jealous).

The Llanelwedd Arms looked very Powys market town, and was smart enough inside.

But I’m afraid the service was on the glacial side of slow. We had to ask for drinks thrice, and although my pint of the Rev was fine (NBSS 3), one of our group had to do the “I think this is on the turn” routine.

But to be fair the Pad Thai was exceptional, the company passable, and we all popped back to the Greyhound afterwards for a Butty Bach that somehow made me feel Builth might be worth another stop once it gets a couple of micros and a Mikkeller bar.

See you again in 2032 then.

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