We awoke on the Thursday to find a nation rejoicing at the success of a nation in conquering the Danes, and Mrs RM celebrated by breaking a cup. In her defence, the B & B had a grand total of ONE power socket which made boiling a kettle whilst charging a phone tricky.

Our host brushed the loss of a family heirloom off, and made us a hearty breakfast made of animals killed that morning (possibly).

I heartily recommend the Lower House, particularly for fans of sinister wallpaper and puzzling family photos.

Makes a change from Premier Inn.

Half an hour later we were pulling into Brecon,

always the most stylish of the Mid Wales towns.

I felt like I’d only been here a couple of years ago, and in fact, I had.

So I’ve little new to tell you, though Brecon looked smarter than ever, and we enjoyed the pastel colours of a town hitherto only remembered for selling (yellow) socks and scones.

Mrs RM had some shopping to do (I need nothing) and I said I’d meet her in the Spoons. In 2021, that’s like saying “Meet you outside Woolworths“.

But I couldn’t find the George Hotel, tucked down a side street near the car park,

and I sent Mrs RM a little map.

which clearly didn’t help as she couldn’t find it either.

It’s a bit nondescript, a bit “Hitchin”, and from a dull range the Rev James (80p a half) was dull and left unfinished (NBSS 1.5/2). Spoons are an easy addition to the Beer Guide in poor cask areas, I guess.

But at least the WiFi worked. In time, all Spoons will be judged by the quality of their internet.

14 thoughts on “A BRECON BEACON

  1. Ah, “detest” is a word that I save for special occasions, and since almost any pub is better than no pub, I don’t often apply it to them.

    No, I really can’t think of one, Martin.

    I’m intrigued, as to exactly what this principle was though?

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