You left me at 21:30 outside the Champion of the Thames on Cambridge’s once-mighty King Street, hoping I might nab a table and ensure BRAPA could have a pint in the city’s most proper of Proper Pubs,

Is there anything more gorgeous than the light from within a Proper Pub ?

Someone came out, I think the student quiz was finishing, and I leaped at a small table practically at the bar. Never mind table service, I could have poured my own pint from here.

Because I’m generous and Simon had recently spent £37 on a pint in That London, I ordered a couple of pints so he’d have one waiting. Looks like I wasn’t the only one ordering ahead.

His gratitude soured slightly when he learned it was Greene King IPA (cool, rich, 3.5) but he’s learnt enough over the years to know when to say “Oooh, IPA, can’t go wrong with IPA !“.

I know you’re only visiting my blog to see Simon’s fashion choices, so here’s his 2021 “Fenland check chic“.

The students left, the locals arrived, perhaps tipped off by Cambridge Cask Chitchat that BRAPA was in town, and I could tell Simon was feeling the magic.

I do wish people wouldn’t take photos of me in pubs the week before I get my hair cut.

We compared GBG successes and failures and made exciting plans for me to taxi him round places called “Belchamp“. “You spoil that boy” said Duncan, who can feel the hot breath of BRAPA’s GBG completion down his nexk.

And then the man in the scooter turned up, and everyone laughed at some unintelligible comment and followed him out like the Pied Piper on a Scooter, which is an alluring image.

I guess it was nearing 22:00 by now, but don’t pubs empty quick these days ?

I directed Simon to Pint Shop via Christs Pieces Play Ground, which is a real place, and left him to it.

9 thoughts on “JUST CHAMPION

  1. In Stonehaven now. Ship Inn is so up itself you need to book just to get a beer, so I’m in the Marine Hotel with a pint of Jarl. And now I really am weeping at the beauty of it all.

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      1. Yeah, it sneaked in a few years ago for a year. Only sells pins of the Orkney, but seems to tick over OK and it’s a pleasant hotel bar with a decent beer garden. Never had a beer I would score below 3 in it. Suffers from folk only heading to the Marine if in town, so doesn’t get many voting visitors.


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