The first weekend of July; I visited my parents to make sure they’d got enough garden tools, had the obligatory Crispy Beef from Chung Hwa, and sneaked out like a naughty schoolboy to meet BRAPA when they’d gone to bed.

Talking of Crispy Beef, Cambridge has been celebrating its bovine heritage (visit Midsummer Common or the away end at the Abbey if you don’t believe me);

I quite like this trend of brightly coloured animals in cities. I’m less impressed with the return of tourists to Cambridge and graduation ceremonies threatening BRAPA’s chance of a pint in the Champion, which looked worryingly full when I did the King Street walk.

I hoped Simon, on a 3 hour bus trip from Saffron Walden, wasn’t in for a night of BRAPA fails.

Some lads had set up deckchairs in the street outside the King Street Run and were blasting ragga (and dubious smells) into the night, so at least Si would have some entertainment.

Ooh, look, Doom Bar.

I took a walk round the Backs, hoping I’d find some affection for my birthplace, but it was more like admiration.

Alright, alright, it’s not bad is it ? Now let’s see if I can nab BRAPA a prime seat in the Champ…


  1. There seem to be painted animals all over the country & I thought we were special ! (we have elephants in Maidstone -people keep trying to vandalise them but they seem fairly tough )

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    1. It’s good ticking practice. Fosse Foxes kept me amused throughout June. Leicester now has a veritable salvo of painted Rockets. I just need to determine whether they represent cuddly Musk/Branson style rockets, or the more deadly intercontinental ballistic variety before I throw my support behind this initiative.

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  2. Bristol was quite early with the animal statues, place was full of Gromits a few years ago.
    Still in Aberdeen. Grill yesterday: walk in, sit down. Barman: Awright pal, whit can I get yous?
    Grill today: walk in, sit down. Barmaid: Ye cannae joost walk in and sit doon! What a difference a day makes.

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