I like this home-made GBG 2020 (from the year the GBG was delayed) so much you can see it again;

Perhaps the Anderson will be the only pub in the Guide in an uncertain future where real ale drinkers stay at home waiting for Covid restrictions to be fully withdrawn and Dark Fruits rules the world.

There’d be worse “last pubs on earth“.

If it looks familiar, that top pic has been gracing the London Drinker and other CAMRA publications for many years, luring the southerner to explore the wonders of the Highlands safe in the knowledge they’ll find a rare pint of cask with Mikkeller chaser or whatever southerners do these days.

Lovely gothic building (note Mrs RM carrying the bags indoors),

and a fantastically quirky hotel that reminded me of that Wolves Guesthouse I always recommend.

Our first bath of the trip (not together, this isn’t BRAPA), and lots of free shortbread before we descend majestically to dinner.

The Whisky Bar is full, but I find a pretence to have a look anyway.

And here it is the next morning. Very Cambridge Blue.

Yes, yes, the American influence is still here. What do the Yanks know about beer ?

Seated in the lounge, we find the Anderson knows everything about service.

It’s a really impressive set-up, with all the information on a large sheet of paper with Covid check-in, whisky menu QR code, Wi-Fi code and tips for the 15:25 at Perth.

Mrs RM had the salad, so I could have the pork ribs and she could nick my chips. That’s how marriage works.

Really great comfort food, American blues at just the right volume, “banter” about viewing the chaise lounge from the destination diners, a great staff team, and a very decent pint of the one (is plenty) cask ale from up the road.

There’s nothing worse than a wonky carpet” noted Mrs RM to the manager, noting a wonky carpet in the entrance. Mrs RM is never wrong.

4 thoughts on “AT LAST, THE ANDERSON

  1. “That’s how marriage works”
    Mrs B: Are you having a pud?
    Me: No, I’m full.
    Mrs B: Awww! I fancied a pud.
    Me: Well have one!
    Mrs B: Not if you’re not having one.
    Me: Oh all right. What do you fancy?
    Mrs B: Chocolate cheesecake! Just the one. I’ll have some of yours.

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  2. When ordering it isn’t necessary to say “with NO chips”. They can simply be given to someone else, and then you’d be stealing back your own chips, and leaving your companion with what they actually ordered rather than a half, or less of it.

    However, to some, it is paramount that all within earshot hear them say “with NO chips”, it seems.

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