And on and on the Scottish trip goes; 677 miles now as we reach Fortrose on the Black Isle.

Today’s football quiz, especially for our American readers;

Name the Scottish Premiership team in the OS extract below

Ah, but do you mean the Cromarty Under-11s Premiership ?” asks reader D. Mackay.

We’d booked a night at The Anderson, another of those Bucket List pubs.

My “real” fan base may remember The Anderson, which by leaking its inclusion in 2019 for a while formed the entirety of the 2020 GBG after that was inexplicably delayed.

It’s been in the Guide since “Yes Sir I Can Boogie” was first a hit, and although it exceeded our usual budget was by far the best value accommodation near Inverness.

Free parking next to the ruined Cathedral, where a gaggle (?) of seagulls left their mark overnight.

And only five minutes down to the harbour for a nosey before tea. Or is it “supper” ?

As always in a new town, you should root through the garbage can to get a feel for the place.

It’s a pretty little town, the Manningtree of the North.

A few antique shops,

some gracious houses,

and a stunning looking keg boozer (“Some visitors have unfairly suggested a make-over is overdue but the essence and charm of the place is that it IS dated !”– WhatPub), which I promised myself I’d return to after tea/supper.

But I didn’t, did I ?

20 thoughts on “A NIGHT ON THE BLACK ISLE

      1. I haven’t done a proper Scottish trip for a little while now – last year’s was just a brief, end-of-summer jaunt, including a little bit of quality time with my daughter who lives in the Kingdom of Fife. So I’ve been enjoying your Scottish holiday with Christine and Mr Touré, especially as it’s saved me having to drink some dreadful beer, not to mention the midge bites.

        Only about 20 posts to go – really? That many?

        No seriously, though. Lovely photos, great atmosphere and pub interiors, and isn’t it wonderful how much better the beer looks in the glass than it tastes in your mouth.

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  1. The lack of replies to your American football quiz – erm, I mean Scottish football quiz for your American readers – signifies either a) that they all think it’s so obvious it’s not worth replying, b) they’re not at all interested in football, c) they’ve all gone to work, or d) they’re afraid of being awarded the remainder of an out of date bottle of Doom Bar.

    Having none of those excuses myself, and being disqualified (by lack of American – or even Canadian – nationality) from having to sup from the murky bottle, I can reveal that Ross County play at Dingwall, right next to the railway station at the head of the Cromarty Firth.

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  2. A gaggle of Seagulls? More RM humor I suspect. Written by one who remembers the Bay City Rollers but forgets “A Flock of Seagulls”.


    1. Some wag said that if the gov’s undeclared policy were called “flock immunity” rather than “herd immunity” then there’d be the due outrage.


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