Onward ! To the cask wonderlands of Argyll.

Baa Baa was very excited as we reached Inveraray (pop. 603).

Wiki says the Latin motto “SEMPER TIBI PENDEAT HALEC” (possible English translation: “may a herring always hang to thee“), which rather excited Baa Baa, even though he’s not a herring fan.

Today the weather forecast for Inveraray is fog,

the same fog that descended on Friday and obscured the views of the famous castle that draws in the crowds.

See the source image

But down by the harbour I beat a French tourist to the last parking space, sparking wild celebrations from Baa Baa.

Mrs RM had to do a Zoom call to someone at 11am so I left here setting up the on-road office and explored the town. In fairness, it doesn’t take a lot of exploring.

Two pub/hotels, one prison (disused), one castle, four whisky shops and seven cafes.

I bought Mrs RM a flat white from Campbell (no relation) Coffee, drunk it before it went cold, and then had to get her another one. AND a piece of the apple strudel perched temptingly on the counter. FIVE QUID !

I left Mrs RM enjoying her £5 strudel and nipped in the GBG George.

Actually, I nipped past a group standing patiently at the door waiting for noon opening, and found a gaggle of folk enjoying elevenses already ensconced in admiring the curling badges in the dark wooded lounge. Duncan intends to tick curling grounds when’s he done all the football ones.

I was greeted by a nice Spanish man who couldn’t quite get used to the idea I was popping in for a quick half of Jarl.

Still, he let me have a pleasing seat with a view of the bar where I could see the Old Boys decking Tennent’s.

The beer was a touch too much above temperature, though an NBSS 2.5 was far from the worst of the trip.

And any baronial style hotel that regales gentlefolk with this classic is OK with me;

It took me ages to pay; table service and payment at the end is wrong in pubs.

But when I got back to Mrs RM she was still eating that apple strudel, so I didn’t feel too bad about not getting her some Scottish aromatics.

Right, where next ?” she said.

15 thoughts on “IT’S A LONG WAY TO INVERARAY

  1. Your main problem on this trip is visiting places that generally have enough trade to justify having one cask on in tourist season, who currently have a fraction of their normal turnover. Getting decent cask anywhere in Scotland with a population under 10,000 is more luck than anything else. I imagine across the Irish Sea might prove to be even worse.

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    1. That is such an interesting point I’m tempted to do a post about it.

      The worst beer I’ve had was in Ballymena Spoons 20 years ago, and Duncan had similar experience. The lad actually said “It’s real ale, it’s supposed to taste like that”.

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      1. That is an interesting one. The one that immediately springs to my mind is a pint of Greenall’s in the Trevor Arms, Marford. It was so indescribably foul that I walked half a mile in the pissing rain to the Alyn in Rossett rather than risk another.


  2. Invererarryery is such a beautiful place. Had a very enjoyable long weekend there a couple of years ago which included 4 hours ringing a peal in the bell tower (possibly the nicest bells I’ve ever rung) followed by a gallon of beer at the George (which improved as time went on), interspersed with a delicious meal and a few whiskies. Need to go back for the triathlon, which includes the peal, the gallon, and a Munroe (not necessarily in that order!)

    Speaking of Fyne Ales, whilst typing this our pre-ordered and very middle class venison box arrived, fresh from the farm!

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      1. Hah, well, not quite, but we do ‘grab’ towers and pubs (not always with a gallon, but equally not unheard of!)

        Sure I could get you a pass to Sheffield Cathedral tower once restrictions are lifted and things are a bit more settled, if you fancied learning a bit more about another traditional, obscure, minority exercise…!

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  3. Do you have “grounds” in curling?
    It always amuses me when the Winter Olympics or the Commonwealth Games are on how everyone suddenly becomes a huge curling fan. “We need another one in the house!” “Good stone Kirsty!” and so on.

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  4. Police & Thieves! Now you’re talking 👌 looks like a cracker…to be fair Scotland has some great pubs but the beer seems to be fairly average

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