Just before the pandemic struck last March I made my first real incursion into Galloway, sadly unable to make logistical arrangements to tick Newton Stewart, the Chatteris of the North.

Continuing the Wicker Man theme, that classic 1973 advert for the Scottish hospitality trade had its premier in Newton Stewart, possibly here;

But I can’t be bothered to check.

It looks a one street town, with a lovely bridge over the Cree and a range of tourist attractions mostly involving trees and authentic looking Indian meals at the “Belted Galloway Viisitor (sic) centre”.

Scotland has great rivers, you know. Just as well, as BRAPA will probably need to get to some of these places by canoe.

Smaller than Waterbeach, but with more pubs and hotels than the whole of the “Fen Edge” put together, I warmed to it as we searched for the Crown.

Inevitably, the Crown turned out to be duller than the bars with the big red “T”.

There seemed to be a public bar that was closed, so we had to make do with the dull rear of the dull dining room, where we were made to wait and ponder our choice of cutting-edge ale.

They were lovely, here, I’ll say that. But one sip of an oddly watery Hen (NBSS 1.5*) convinced me I’d made the right decision to do the driving today.

Mrs RM manfully (?) tried to finish it, and my coke, while listening to Annie Lennox wail “Why ?” in an otherwise deathly quiet sort-of-conservatory where gentlefolk ate fish and chips, wordlessly.

You can tell a great pub by whether it plays Dire Straits rather than Annie Lennox. Controversial, but true.

*I can’t wait to input all my NBSS scores.


  1. Was a very good Indian in NS …no memory of good pubs

    Shame the Ellangowan Hotel in nearby Creetown is closed as that is where the interior of the Green Man Pub ( campy landlord Alder Macgregor and ” father ” to Britt Ekland ) of the Wicker Man was filmed…no great beer but a wonderful atmosphere of the cult film …

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      1. Yes Wigtown was hospitable ..the Book town of the North..
        Bladnoch Inn j outside Wogtown had good Cask when I visited few years ago…


      1. I’ve just clicked on the link on JelenaM’s name – now there’s a venue that I don’t think I’d be measuring by the choice of beer!

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  2. I once stayed with my dad in a small hotel in Newton Stewart that may have been the Crown. They served High Tea rather than dinner 😀

    Galloway really is the back of beyond, isn’t it?

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    1. It’s like a bygone age, doesn’t it ?. Though to be honest there are plenty of similar small hotels in Lincolnshire.
      Of all the Beer Guide counties it’s the one, along with Argyll, that has took the most mental effort to (nearly) do.


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