Yes. I’m in Scotland, campervanning my way round Argyll. Whatever that is.

Just been bitten by a midge (not Ure) so definitely Scotland.

The original plans for Orkneys and Shetland were scrapped after Bill forgot to order more Doom Bar.

But Oban and whatever you call the bits west of Lomond will do.

15 pubs in 3 days in a GBG county hitherto untouched.

Mountains of material, but no WiFi to upload it in my normal professional manner so more short posts. I’ve just made Mrs RM TWICE to secure that vital lone bar of 4G.

So here’s a snippet of Oban, home to three (3) ticks, including the ancient Oban, after which the town is named.

Yes, it’s the ancient gorgeous one that sells cask, like that Coach and Horses in Dumfries or the one near Aberdeen Station that’s always full.

As was the Oban, at an admittedly peak time of 18:20 on Friday in June.

The lounge was shut, as was the outside seating area their Facebook were bigging up, leaving space for, ooh, a dozen in the Public.

But not me.

The first pub I’ve failed to get into since pubs returned I’m April. I went and did another pub, came back, and it was still full.

I hovered between entrance and exit, waiting for movement at the back, discouraging groups of drinkers eying it up, and when I finally saw an Old Boy leave, I pounced.

Only to find a couple had wandered past the entrance at that exact moment and nicked MY table.

“Is it OK if I annoyingly hover by the entrance” I finally asked, contemplating a return visit the next morning.

“Stick it out !” urged Mrs RM, from the comfort of the campervan.

And after 25 minutes, I had my reward. A chair right by the bar. Perfect.

I sensed the Nice lady had gone beyond the call of duty in finding me a Covid secure table, and promised the bloke on my left I’d be gone within 14 minutes so his phone didn’t ping.

I was as good as my word. The Jarl hardly touched the sides.

24 thoughts on “PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF

  1. I hope the Lorne is one of your three potential ticks. I was unprepared for the pubs in Oban when I was here in 2012, as I was planning to go to the Outer Hebrides, but the weather put paid to that idea so I had a few beers instead.

    I wish I’d checked out the Oban Inn as well – that looks like a good’un.


      1. “I nipped in, Sheffield Hatter like”. It’s good to know that I’ll be remembered for something.


      1. It is indeed a lovely journey by train to and from Oban.
        I was on the McEwans 80/- in the Lorne with staying at Oban YH during April 1984 but couldn’t find any cask beer before my 12.11 departure in March 2013.

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    1. I’ve got to join Dave in praising the looks of that pub. As idyllic as you’d hope a 1790 pub to be, though I could without the Heineken sign outside. 😉

      Well, I suppose we should be celebrating the fact that a pub has so many customers these days. But what we really want is “busy enough to bring in the money, but not so busy as to make it hard for a seat to be found by pub ticking heroes.”

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      1. All pubs in the Beer Guide should be legally required to retain an empty seat for tickers. #SimonsLaw

        Interesting point you make about the Heineken sign, Mark. You’d rather it was a Budweiser sign, I guess 😀

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    1. Manchester, you mean? Yeah, she wouldn’t approve. I’m going to Edinburgh in July and for my journey back to Sheffield I was offered a train via Warrington Bank Quay, with a walk across town to Warrington Central for a train via (whisper it) Piccadilly. I decided not to risk it and will be going via York.

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  2. Sorry about the Doom Bar. It’ll all be gone by the time you get here.
    I’m going to Oban in a couple of weeks. The Oban Inn is a definite on my list.
    Only thing is, I haven’t had any real ale since December 2019. I wonder if I’ll still like it.

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      1. By all means. See you in the Grill in Aberdeen. I’ll be the one either banging on about how wonderful cask beer is or possibly crying into his Tennent’s.


  3. Clachan Seil is a classic, without doubt. So much of a classic I can’t remember what it’s called. You might have already been. Look forward to the report anyway. Ended up in a caravan park bar on the way back to Oban. Must have had a reason for going there, but no idea what it was!


  4. Who actually checks in unless they hate the place.

    From what I’ve heard, people who hate their job go to as many places as possible, sign in and hope for a ping.

    I like my job, necessary for national upkeep let’s say, so avoid checking in, or do the wrong digit.


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