One thing I’ll say about my octogenarian in-laws (Day 13 of 14 complete); they’re doing a better job of saving our pubs than the folk on Beer Twitter whining about sexism and safe distancing at the moment.

Not only have they been to a Sheffield pub nearly every day we’ve met them; they’ve also been to pubs ON THEIR OWN !

They liked the Nottingham House , in the heart of student Broomhill, so much they went back themselves a few days later, despite it being a savage hill up from their hotel.

I think it was probably the famous pies that tempted them back, rather than the lure of the Doom Bar they rejected in favour of Landlord and Moonshine.

On our visit the sun was still beating down at 7pm, and all the kidz were outside, so I was able to keep the in-laws in the corner well away from whatever students discuss in pubs these days. Probably coconut sours.

As a cheery pub diner, I can’t praise the Nottingham highly enough.

Comfortable bench seating, no airs and graces, Bill Withers warbling “Lovely Day“, old school keg products, real ales you’d heard of, and a tremendous plate of home made stodge which might have had a pastry topping but goodness me it was perfect.

And here’s our happy drinkers, four of us all on pints. How often do you see that on a table ?

Only at the end did I notice I could have had Doom Bar, but I’ll let that pass.

12 thoughts on “PIE + PEAS + PALE

  1. That does look like a lovely pub, and hats off to whoever did that “Pies” signboard: a real work of art, that.

    I tried to Google “stodge” but couldn’t come up with any clear definition. Is it a specific food, or more of a category?

    I love that image of all four of you together, enjoying pints. Admit it, Martin, you were tempted to order prosecco. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Oooh, artistic praise from Mark, and well deserved.

      Stodge ? Mmm, hearty, unfussy food, often carbs, food that mixes well like chips and gravy. I believe Blackpool Jane is the world expert on stodge !

      Yes, Prosecco would have offset the 3 pints of beer well ;-0

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      1. Not sure I’d agree with that description Martin. Stodge would be good wholesome food that soaks up the beer so you can drink more. Similarly I’d think the musical equivalent to be 70’s pub rock, more Doctor Feelgood direction than anything else.

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