A day away from the in-laws, leaving them to explore Sheffield Stonegate pubs, as I head to north Leicestershire.

Sadly, not Coalville.

No, it’s mysterious Syston, offering a fourth (!) Beer Guide entry in a decade to its 12,804 residents.

Never heard of Syston ? Well, me neither till the Queen Vic started attracting my GBG fancy. Wiki can’t enlighten me much beyond mention of the white plum and a member of Showaddywaddy you’ll not have heard of either.

I found three two main features.

A shopping centre bollard that will do your unmentionables some damage if you don’t look where you’re walking at night;*

and there seems to be an inability to distinguish ducks from rats,

It’s plain, but the pubs look decent and there’s plenty of play area for the under-12s. Come along on July 17th and have inflatable fund (not that sort of inflatable fun, Russ).

The new GBG entry, inevitably a micro, looks fun as well.

If you enjoy remembering biology lessons from 1977, I guess.

Didn’t Damien Hirst have a restaurant like this ?

The Guvnor is seated with the locals, very Worthing, but he’s charming and helpful and brings the Shipstones and scratchings over.

How much is it ?” I ask holding a fiver.

“I don’t know yet !” he says, and goes back to the till to check.

£5.30″. £5.30 !! I scramble for 30p in 5p pieces, dropping them under the stethoscopes. To be fair, they’re fantastic scratchings.

And the Shipstones is beautifully conditioned, cool and foamy (NBSS 3.5), if a bit dull. Unlike everything else.

My seated position is just weird. Luckily I like weird.

But it’s perfect to hear a sweary conversation to my right about the girl who liked the boy who cried wolf.

His f****** mum’s a MILF” seemed to be the punchline. I may have got the order of the words wrong.

Anyway, BRAPA heaven, as are the toilets.

These are the bits I CAN show you.

On the basis of the toilets alone, I think it’s an essential visit. But don’t pick the Shipstones.

*See also: Macclesfield, Whitehaven


  1. A ‘crawl’ worthy village is Syston, a nice Everards pub, decent Steaming Billy, the Social Club is one of the best, and the aforementioned micro was better than I expected. A rail station, fine array of charity shops, and Doom Bar at the excellent Top House in Thurmaston within walking distance makes it a serious contender, and yet… Syston!


  2. I laughed out loud at Syston’s inability to distinguish ducks from rats and startled some Old Boys who I think were trying to sleep.


  3. It’s always disappointing to see a north Leicestershire post not on Coalville…however it would appear conversational standards are being maintained!!!! Nice boozer and good to see you putting my output to shame in the Midlands!

    Liked by 1 person

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