No idea what happened on the Sunday, as we recovered from the Bath, but by Monday it was all go as Matt came over to give my father-in-law a haircut. No, it’s not MY hair.

In the morning I had to drop Mrs RM’s car (it’s a black one) off for a service at the Pentagon, so I walked back from industrial Sheffield into town,

and made my first visit to the city’s flagship Spoons.


This one didn’t open on April 12th with that tiny outside area, and had the upstairs was shut when I nipped in for a breakfast flat white. The return to Spoons we all prayed for isn’t always a rapid one.

I know Americans love seeing British breakfast menus, to compare them with Denny’s and IHOP. You win, Yanks.

Yes, just the small breakfast, and I’d walked off that 460 calories by the time I got home.

And then merrily put them back on at lunchtime at the Riverside in Kelham,

where Mrs RM, Matt and I shared a pitcher of keg Sheffield Pale because we hip. And besides, who on earth drinks cask when it goes above 20 degrees ?

Matt wanted to flick through vinyl, so we headed towards the Moor and the lovely Record Junkee (because we hip), where actually it was me who bought a record, the Julien Baker I’ve been feeling guilty about playing on Spotify these last 2 months.

That was the first LP I’d bought for over a year. I haven’t been to a gig since last March, either, and it was good to see Record Junkee expressing such confidence in the return of live music in cramped upstairs room.

How I’ve missed crumpled gig flyers. Bo Ningen on 7th October, that’s what you need.

7 thoughts on “PITCHERS BY THE RIVER

  1. We win on range of breakfast options and calorie count, but the trad English breakfast is awfully good on quality when the right person frys it up.

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      1. Most of what you would see and then far more in the sweet range: waffles, pancakes, French toast. Most days though it it yogurt, granola and berries. I have seen far more pancakes on our recent trips to the UK though. Not sure why those seem to be on the menu more these days.


      2. McDonalds introduced pancake 20 years ago, a decade later Wetherspoons added it to the breakfast menu (no longer), and there’s a certain sort of chain diner that does it as a sort of brunch menu.


      3. Dave,
        Thanks for that.
        The best range I knew was at the Cock Tavern in Smithfield Market and I remember the choice including bacon, eggs ( fried, boiled, scrambled or poached ), kidneys, kippers, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, toast, fried bread, chips (!), bubble and squeak, toast and fried bread. It was sensibly priced as the bummarees wouldn’t have paid over the odds, open from 5am to 9am on weekdays only and there was nearly always one or two cask beers on.
        Options have increased in recent years and I’ve appreciated having freshly made fruit salad with my breakfast when staying in Norwich during 2013 and Caernarfon ( the Black Boy ) during 2015.

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