After my 10 minute “comfort break and a half” in the Red Deer I attempted to catch up with the tour party at the Diamond but they’d already left for the main Uni buildings via Hendo’s.

My father-in-law seems to know more about family trees and company history than me, and told me that the original Henderson’s building is now owned by the Uni, which I doubted but seems to be true.

He even knows my own family tree, which is ironic since I struggle to remember my own parents names these days.

I’ve always been impressed with Sheffield Uni, with its street art, parkland setting and student bars selling cask.

James had chaperoned the group as far as Weston Park, thronged with prospective students attending the Open Day, but left it to me to suggest a late lunch at the University’s actual pub (probably now owned by Hendo’s).


When we’d visited before James accepted a place here (pics here) the food and beer had been great, and Kentish Paul will know how high expectations of haute cuisine are in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

I’d phoned ahead (don’t judge me !) expecting to have to book a table on such a busy day. Apparently not, loads of tables was the answer. And plenty of handpumps.

Pints all round, then. Who says Southerners don’t drink beer ? (me, I said it). I think we had one of each over an hour in the sun and they were all NBSS 3. Plenty good enough, anyway.

But food ?

Chips with everything, with “everything” being chips. The were short of a chef, which appears to be a problem for a pub/restaurant that isn’t Spoons.

Mrs RM feigned indignation, but my in-laws looked genuinely terrified enthralled by the Yorkshire Classic. They were tremedous.

But you want banter ? Forget the students, here’s the in-laws gems;

When I first met Margaret and we went up to the loft”.

Remember that time I went to dysentery off a camel ?”

Them they went back to the Rutland Hotel for their afternoon nap, and Mrs RM and I should have walked home to start the gardening.

Fancy a last beer” said Mrs RM, as we passed the Baths…

NEVER say know to a last beer, unless it really is your last one. Even then.

15 thoughts on “YORKSHIRE CHIPS

      1. Yes, covering ‘chips’ with cheese and other things.is a feeble attempt to disguise the fact that they’re out of a bag in the freezer and not proper chips.
        I don’t think I’ve had continental frites and won’t now we’re on our own.


  1. I remember reading a couple of years ago that the University of Sheffield owned the Hendersons building and wasplanning to make another pub out of it. I guess the plans were put on hold, but there seems to be some work going on there now. One corner of the building looks as though it has dropped, though whether they are planning to fix that or to leave it because it’s “authentic” only time will tell.

    You could have popped in for one of your pre-emptive ticks.

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  2. Let’s skip the Royal pre-fix, as Tunbridge Wells is nowhere near as posh as people like to think it is
    If you want real, proper “posh,” combined with a little (sometimes a lot), of one-upmanship, then Sevenoaks is the town to go to.

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    1. And much worse for it (bar the Anchor) !

      You’re right, outside the Pantiles and Sankey’s Tunbridge Wells would be hard to distinguish (visiting shops, pubs and restaurants) from any Midlands and Northern town.


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