Regular readers will know one my missions in retirement is to promote the unsung, the downtrodden, the obscure towns of England.

Step forward, Nuneaton.

OK, sit down again. You’re now that good. But see here and here for some evidence of why North Warwickshire on a sunny day is worth your while.

But today’s GBG tick takes me a mile north of the station, to Weddington, which I confess I’d never heard of, and as a man I don’t like admitting to ignorance.

And across the little bridge over the River Anker, you’ll find Nuneaton’s latest effort to disabuse of the mistaken belief that the GBG is all micropubs, brewery taps and wisteria covered country pubs.

The Anker is the archetypal roadside M & B community pub that the Midlands specialises in.

A bit of Hi Vis, a bit of Old Boy (“Roast of the day, lads?”) , a bit of young lad nipping away from the workshop for a cheeky pint.

“Y’allright Jake?”

“Too ot innit?”

The whole pub revolves round Jake the lad.

My cheeky pint is Old Peculiar (NBSS 3+), because the GBG tells me it’s their specialty and I always go for the one called “Special”, “Manager’s Choice”, “Staff Pick” or “House Beer”.

It’s the perfect breakfast pint, except it’s nearly 13:00 by now, but you get the point.

Late enough for a basket meal, in fact, but I resist.

I finish my pint, a little too quickly, to the tune of “Baby Jane” and momentarily consider a campaign to get more naff period Rod Stewart played in pubs.

But then forget.

8 thoughts on “WHAT AN ANKER !

  1. I have an Anker speaker to play my Broherhood of Man CDs…very good speaker..🤔😀
    BTW that pint of Old Pec looks a little light .🤔 sure you haven’t been sold Old Particular or some non brand like substitute 🤣🤣

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    1. Particular. I remember viewing a TV series in the nineties about a couple of Old Country Gentlemen touring the West Country visiting pubs. The series was called “Particular Pubs”.
      I enjoyed that and have always expected it to be repeated but have never seen it again. Do any readers here remember it, I wonder?


  2. Love those lacings…Nuneaton is as non descript as they come but I like a non descript drinking town and that looks perfect. Another one I’ll need to get to as you keep finding bloody loads of top notch boozers in the Midlands I’ve yet to visit.
    Nice to see GB are putting a team into the Euros (looking at the flags) will they get out of the group stages?

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