If you read Beer Twitter (folk who write about beer rather than pubs) you might be a bit depressed at the moment. But BRAPA and Colin the Cauliflower and me are here to tell you that EVERYTHING’S ALRIGHT.

Last week was one of the most wonderful of my pubbing “career”, and I’m still only on Wednesday. Wait till we get to Heanor.

Let’s rejoin Leon and retiredmartin in Beastfair, which sounds like a dodgy 70s Hungarian art film. Talking of art, I’ve left my thumbprint on the pic of the Vaults to prove it’s my photo.

Leon was determined to find a hidden cask gem as a pre-emptive, but Berries & Butties turned out NOT to be a purveyor of cider/pastry stout saisons.

Cutting our losses, I suggested a long overdue return (after at least a decade) to the second, longstanding Pontefract GBG entry.

A new look for the Robin Hood ?

Not really.

It’s hard to take photos of handpumps while you’re walking, isn’t it ?

Best stand still, then.

Wow. My notes are non-existent, but I see we got the table in the corner, the one with the sweeping view.

Note the Old Boys are mainly drinking lager in this “busy locals’ pub“, so what will the beer on the half a dozen handpumps taste like ?

Nearly nectar, that’s what. Am I going soft ? No, this was just tremendously fresh, cool, crisp drinking beer (NBSS 3.5+).

My only note says “ribald laughter“, which I think followed an unrepeatable conversation on the next table about the inability of a nurse to find a vein to put the needle in for the Covid jab (don’t overthink it).

I could have stayed all night, drinking through their range, but Pub Men have to spread their support in these difficult times and I nipped to the Gents so I could remind myself of the homely interior.

Isn’t it lovely ? Mrs RM would like it, but she’d missed the train and had to stay at home drinking the Beer 52 delivery.

We know who’s winning at life, don’t we ?


  1. Ah, I didn’t know that Henry Smith was now part of Revolutions Brewing Co. I assume this is a fairly recent development. Perhaps there’s something in your usually copious notes? Oh….

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