It’s really tricky writing up these posts after the event. No notes left from Pontefract, just a few photos and this screen grab from Leon’s phone.

Anyone know what pub this is ?

Leon was having problems loading WhatPub to find our next Ponte pre-emptive; perhaps it was slow as CAMRA forgot to top up the electric.

Luckily I had a map from 1873. The dots are micropubs.

We wandered aimlessly back over the footbridge into town, wondering whether the Duke of Milan was an artisan bar offering cask Peroni or an embassy building.

The Tap & Barrel may have offered John Smiths Cask for all I know but sadly was shut. Next time.

Which left us popping in a number of “possibles” as we headed towards the centre of town (aka Spoons).

Leon recounted an amusing visit to the Blue Bell which raised hopes of a half of Doom Bar and some rhubarb flavoured insults, but it was keg.

As was the wonderful looking Elephant, which drew me in with the sounds of OMD’s “Souvenir”, last heard in a pub in 1981.

It’s all well and good urging us to Try Cask as pubs return, but most pubs outside the CAMRA pub bubble are staying well clear.

Still, there’s always one place you can rely on real ale availability…


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