Day 1 Proper of the Hadrian’s Wall Walk, which Mrs RM had planned meticulously. But as we approached the last 3 miles, it dawned on us we were about to arrive at Walton, our overnight destination about four hours before it opened. Four hours before Walton opened that is, not our B & B.

So, buoyed by some positivity in Low Crosby,

we agreed a minor detour off The Path to Irthington, which had beer and crisps.

The detour promised more numbered sheep,

and a sturdy stone church. What’s not to like ?, as they say on MumsNet.

Now you should know that I actually visited the Sally aka Salutation not 18 months ago on my last Carlisle trip, so I didn’t HAVE to pop in for a tick, though my failure to blog about the Sally looked a bit of a duff decision when the pubs ran out 6 months later.

To be honest, it was classy but dull back then, and classy but dull now. We entered to Ed Sheeran, and left to Lionel.

But the welcome was warm, even for two grubby walkers, and we were able to stretch our weary legs out on two sofas.

The Landlord showed us how to use the bell ((top) to summon him for drinks and the bill.

Oooh, I like bells” I said.

Misuse the bell and you get a spanking” said the guvnor.

Oooh, I like spa…” said Mrs RM.

I asked for the second Wainwright (the sole cask) pulled, and got the first.

But after finishing off Mrs RM’s pint I’d revised my score from 2.5 to 3+, and a third pint was touching 3.5.

Which just shows. Something.

So far, I had been to EVERY pub on the Hadrian’s Wall route. How long could I keep this heroic effort up.


      1. Been following him on twitter and the pubs look better than I remember them being in that area. Some great shots too.

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      1. Some nice pubs in Hexham, or were in 1983 when I was last there. Got the train back to Newcastle, got run over, got my femur broken and spent four weeks in hospital. Happy days.

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      2. But I’ll say “Could you top it up please?”
        Is “top-up” a “trigger word”?


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