Making the most of our post-29/3 freedom, we’ve been heading south-west into the peaks.

The mill village of Calver is just south of Hathersage, and just north of Bakewell (home of the 1995 “sausage incident”). I aim to be the Derbyshire Dales expert by the end of 2021.

The only problem with these trips is that the Peak District is better walked than photographed, and pubs like the Eyre Arms (named after striker John “Johnny” Eyre of Hull Tigers and Oldham fame) taunt me with their offer of Pedigree on the Glorious 12th.

710 souls, 71,001 sheep, all waiting to be explored at the top of Calver Peak, and all ours.

Lovely springy turf and a gentle gradient almost designed for the Wednesday walker. Look at those gradients lads !
At the peak we were joined by half a dozen ramblers approaching from the Sough, and I made Mrs RM promise me she’d never let my join the ramblers (it’s like CAMRA with cheesy socks).

A lovely sharp descent, too, with inquisitive sheep. But no lambs yet, sadly.

10,000 steps, 578 calories and 280 metres climbed; we’d have deserved a pint in the Derwentwater Arms, whose friendly landlady said “Hello” as she was setting up the vast outside area for Monday next.

Both pubs have space four campervan, but it’s much crueller to make Mrs RM walk the 3.1 miles from Grindleford Station as part of her fitness regime, won’t it ?

Talking of Mrs RM, still no correct answers for the popster who she thinks looks like me at age 6.

11 thoughts on “CALVER – SOUGH WHAT ?

    1. The Bartlett UCL ? I always thought she started Sleeper at Manchester Uni. Mrs RM went to UCL the same time.

      Did you recognise the LP sleeve ? Pleased to Meet You is an underrated record.


    1. You’re right, even if I personally prefer the city pubs of Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

      One thing I’s say is that I don’t make that many visits to the Peak for new GBG pubs, so I rarely blog about it. Thinking back there’s been some great pubs where Wickingman is based, and Monsal Dale.

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      1. Ah, and not just Tim’s kitchens or one wouldn’t have climbed up a trouser leg to steal a chip.
        Ratty barmaid ? Only one that I properly remember. .

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  1. Looks like you had a glorious day for walking, and I do love the looks of that trail: well-used, but not TOO well used.

    Had a chuckle at the bit about the ramblers. I used to listen quite regularly to a bbc radio 4 show/podcast called “Ramblings” hosted by Clare Balding. Have you ever heard it? Nice for imagining I’m on a lovely walk in England when in fact I’m stuck in front of a computer in Michigan.

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    1. We’ve been very lucky, Mark, some interesting walks just out of the most popular parts of the Peak District on dry but not bone-hard ground. Shame about the pubs being closed (not for long !).

      Did you see any of the Peak when you visited Macclesfield ? The routes out of Macc take you on some lovely, isolated villages.

      I did hear a few of Claire’s shows; she’s very good, but I’m not a great listener when I could be outside ;-0

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  2. “I made Mrs RM promise me she’d never let my join the ramblers”
    Yes, it’s a club for orange squash drinkers who won’t go walking on their own.
    A bit like that club for ‘craft’ drinkers who won’t go to proper pubs on their own.

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