Yes, I thought I’d make it easy for you by picking a pub which serves Doom Bar to narrow it down.

I can also reveal that our mystery pub ISN’T in Mudgie’s Final Four Towns.

That’s a very upmarket selection, isn’t it ? Where’s Cleethorpes, or Canvey Island, or Crosby ? Never mind, it was just good to NOT see stuck-up Southwold in the mix.

Our village can look as charming as any of those from the right spot (and a bit of retiredmartin filter).

Actually, that may be enough clue for most of you.

The author of a famous book about a wedding night was fined Β£2,000 for stealing some of those pebbles; I’m keeping quiet.

Β£2,000 sometimes looks like it would buy you a pub in the slightly ramshackle High Street here.

But fashions change, just like hairstyles,

and I foresee a time when the fortunes of this little place will swell to such an extent that minibuses will come here from Southwold and St Ives to see the last remaining boozers where vertical drinking is allowed.

My boozer of choice sounds like an amalgam of two pubs, and is getting geared up for April 12th. Let’s hope the beer garden is a bit bigger than this;


  1. Weird – I’ve found the street view of the dereliction and houses on the hill from the exact same spot as shown by the sea defence, but not on a sunny day.

    There’s only one pub nearby and it looks nothing like this one.


      1. Sorry it was there all the time – for some reason Google only shows certain pubs when you zoom in ten times closer than it does others.

        No interior views though, sadly.

        No Sarcasm Intended.


  2. I assumed the funfair poster in the shop window was misleading, so spent lots of time in Maine and Oregon. No, only kidding. The front of the pub is, luckily, very distinctive, so I didn’t spend half the day on it this time. (Glad Lorenzo is finally going to lay his hands on one of those Doom Bars that you’re so keen to get rid of.)

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  3. This one didn’t take too long, once I saw it πŸ˜€

    Cleethorpes was in the earlier rounds of the poll, as was Barmouth (!?). Someone made a very strong case for Barmouth, but the electorate wasn’t convinced. Whitby was always a dead cert as the winner, tbh.


    1. Well, Pauline, it appears you’re the first person to actually say it rather than hint at it, so I’m tempted to give you the win (along with Lorenzo who tweeted me). I’ll leave your bottle of Doom Bar on the beach in Gillingham.


      1. Thank you ! -sorry I didn’t actually work out which pub it was -to be honest I couldn’t be bothered -just recovering from Covid jab & feeling a bit iffy

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      2. I admire anyone who “couldn’t be bothered” (it was the New Star Inn).

        Quite a few people report feeling iffy for a little while after the jab, which is why I’m hoping for the artisan Russian one.



    Wait. The UK has seasides? πŸ˜‰

    “it was just good to NOT see stuck-up Southwold in the mix.”

    The place or the person?
    (oh, sorry, that SouthWORTH) πŸ™‚

    “But fashions change, just like hairstyles,”

    Very deep that.

    “My boozer of choice sounds like an amalgam of two pubs,”

    The Hare and the Hounds?
    (as you can tell, once again, I got nothing)



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