Nice easy one for you this morning. Surely EVERYONE know ******** in ********* ?

Actually, I’ve never been here, so it must have opened after my last visit in 2016 when I overdosed on whisky (of a sort).

It’s not in the CAMRA Beer Guide to this place anyway, and possibly wouldn’t get in the GBG as it stocks Sam Smiths (top) and favours those offensive cushions that Proper Pubmen detest.

One for the hipsters, with “ironic” check tablecloths and an obsession with sausages last seen in the Lost Dene on Deansgate.

There must be something about sausages and great cities, as this place rivals Manchester among my magical places.

Just as Germans fly in to Piccadilly to admire the art in the Jolly Angler, I come here to be warned about the perils of Bitter Sweet Married Life while eating salted butter pretzels.

You’re thinking Coventry now, yeah ?

While I was composing this post I found a small cache of pics from 2015 with which I can embarrass both sons, so here goes;

Despite my enthusiasm, this city of half a million rarely gets the beer tourism of a smaller place up the line. If at all, folk come here for this austere place, forever etched in history.

Our pub is on a street of 14 letters, just above the house seemingly wearing a rain mac.

14 ? That’s paltry, just along there’s a shop with 20 letters (and 8 vowels). Get that in Scrabble and you’re laughing.

Good luck mate, as they say in The Great Escape.


  1. The place is easy – everyone on the Interweb seems to have taken their tower photo from exactly the same position. Presumably people have to queue for that particular spot.

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    1. Lorenzo old chap – this site has a facility to notify you of new posts by email.

      But does being first really matter that much?

      Most of us enjoying the lark don’t give the game away.

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  2. This is driving me mad. Got the city easily enough, and have learnt something new about Edward Heath’s foreign travels in the 1930s, but can’t pin down the pub!


    1. If you can locate the sculpture feature – it’s of a kind – for the general area, then you will still need Martin’s aerial photo to pin it down, at least I did.


      1. Whilst driving up the autobahn we used to listen to music on American Forces Network (AFN). Their midday program was called “Luncheon in Munchen”.

        The tour took us all over western Europe. One memorable occasion was driving through Franco’s Spain, and as we approached Algeciras we picked up Radio Gibraltar playing Thunderclap Newman, “the revolution’s here”!

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  3. Mudgie gave the location away with his none too subtle reference to past goings on, but the pub looks far too modern.

    My last visit was in 2015, a year before yours Martin, and the city was gearing up to host a Metallica gig at a venue formerly used for the less savoury events, referenced above. It was also bloomin’ hot! Kentish Paul.

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    1. I actually read your report on the beer fest (more a fair) in those castle grounds before I went, Paul, and met Erlanger Nick there. Christine just said she wants to go back to Germany and so do I. On train though.

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      1. I also want to go back Martin, and sitting upstairs, on one of those double decked trains, is a great way of seeing Germany.

        I have fond memories of that 2015 visit, when I too, met up with Erlanger Nick, initially at the Bierfest, and then the guided tour around some of the most wonderful rural Bierkellers anywhere on earth.

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      2. T’other Paul,
        Yes, we used a few double decked trains in Switzerland thirteen years ago.
        Did you ever got on Britain’s version, the 4DD electric multiple units between London Charing Cross and Dartford up to 1971 ?


  4. “Nice easy one for you this morning. ”

    I’ve got it narrowed down to Germany. πŸ™‚

    “and favours those offensive cushions that Proper Pubmen detest.”

    Yep. Those aren’t pint glasses hanging up in the photo below.

    “and an obsession with sausages”

    Definitely Germany.

    “while eating salted butter pretzels.”

    Surely not Munich?

    “If at all, folk come here for this austere place, forever etched in history.”

    Blimey. Nuremberg?

    And, since Munich has more people than Nuremberg, the ‘smaller place up the line’ would probably be Bamberg, famed for its Rauchbier, as noted my Michael Jackson in his Beer Hunter series.

    “Good luck mate, as they say in The Great Escape.”

    I’m happy if I got as close as the actual city. πŸ™‚


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