Here’s a little map showing some of the places I’ve been to in my first six weeks in Sheffield. Oooh, they’re nearly all closed pubs.

If Lockdown 3 continues into May, or July, or December, there’s still loads of suburbs to explore on foot; Stumperlowe sounds wonderful.

Yesterday, leaving Grimesthorpe on foot, I went to the Brightside of town.

The view from my drone reveals the heritage sights of Brightside; the Amazon warehouse, Covid-19 testing site and the edge of Meadowhall car park (Orange).

I’m looking for the ghosts of Brightside Railway Station.

Look ! A partially flooded tunnel ! I love a partially flooded tunnel.

It’s notably grimpeur” reads the sign.

A “grimpeur” is a climber, possibly a social one.

What can it all mean ?

Notably, I pass a few other walkers. Where are they going ? More to the point, where is all the traffic going with Meadowhall closed.

It takes 2 minutes to cross the A6109 and investigate Rileys.

Then another 2 minutes to cross back to capture the external glories of The Crown. Later, I will guide you on an interior tour.

Exploring abandoned industrial heritage is a niche activity, but think how much fun children would have entering and leaving The Pink Door (not a Shakin’ Stevens B-side).

And do, up the steps to see the remains of Brightside Station.

And lo, another pub appears, under the rainbow. It’s a sign !

Occasional real ale availability” says WhatPub, “on special occasions“. Surely a visit from myself or Sheffield Hatter would fit the bill. I will add it to the giant To Do list and hope it survives.

13 thoughts on “MR BRIGHTSIDE

  1. “Look ! A partially flooded tunnel ! I love a partially flooded tunnel”
    A blue brick tunnel that for many of us is a reminder of approaching the great Great Western in Wolverhampton.

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  2. Have a real affection for pubs determinedly clinging on to railway related names despite their stations closing decades ago. Has the air of a wistful belief that one day, ONE DAY, it will return and the pub can say: Aha, I was right to keep the faith.

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  3. Yes, there’s four railway stations not far from me closed in recent decades ;
    Etruria – the Holy Inadequate survives
    Wedgwood – never had a pub
    Barlaston – the Plume of feathers has recently taken over by actor Neil Morrissey.
    Norton Bridge – the Railway has closed


      1. The one near our Mart’s abode – sorry for lurching back to Sheffield.

        I always wondered how Etruria came to pinch that ancient name for what is now Tuscany, as my train occasionally passed through though.

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  4. “Occasional real ale availability on special occasions. Surely a visit from myself or Sheffield Hatter would fit the bill.”

    I’ve never been to the Railway – not so sure that just turning up is going to magic the real ale into place. It’s in the local inventory of historic interiors, so I’ve always had it on my To Do list. Nothing spectacular – it’s a rare example of a 1960s refit!

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    1. Simply publish your intention to visit 3 months ahead in the local CAMRA newsletter, and the pub will put on Abbeydale Moonshine or Bradfield Farmers Blonde for you, Will. It’s how pubs get in the GBG (in Scotland).

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      1. Bradfield Farmers Blonde’s regularly been on at Stafford’s Greyhound – a replacement for Bombardier – and it sells well, and I don’t mind it.

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