Lunch in Leicestershire’s Langtons., which are a bit like the Hamptons

This is the Welland Valley, previously a haven for Proper Pubs with pub games selling Marston’s and Batemans. This was the Horse & Trumpet in Medbourne.

I believe the centuries old tradition of kicking the Watneys Red barrel between Hallaton and Medbourne continues in virtual form.

But basic pubs selling Marston’s Bitter don’t make the GBG in 2021, even in a pandemic. No, you need to sell beers like these;

Yes, three beers you’ve never heard of in the Langton Arms, a lovely gastropub for folk escaping the slums of Market Harborough on a Monday lunchtime.

A narrow entrance leads you past the hooks on which Bob, Will and Jeremiah hang their hunting hats before sinking pints of foaming Langton Thomas Lift.

As if.

There’s a full dining room, a full range of gentlefolk, mums and babes, and I choose the low chairs out of sight, which suit both me and them.

I can’t hear a thing except old folk reading out the menu, and I can only leave my chair (masked) for the loo, so I resign myself to my fate.

The Langton, from down a farm up the road, is cool, rich and well presented (NBSS 3+) but a bit plain rather like those Langham beers in Sussex. Still, good to see local brewers being supported at the moment.

Who could POSSIBLY think this is better than a barrel of Bass. Is there really any Old Boy sentiment for Langham ?

Alannah’s “Black Velvet” gave way to Spandau Ballet’s “Through the Barricades” and you knew you were safely ensconced in one of those gastros that celebrity chefs write about as if all pubs should look like this.

The burger and chips (my default gourmet) turned up and it was very good, as burgers often are in are pubs of this quality.

My stroll to the Gents revealed one businesswoman using the pub for free WiFi and a break from tradition as ’50s football memorabilia pleasingly replaced the ubiquitous soft porn.

A first sighting for Jimmy Hill’s ground-breaking kossak, surely worthy of note.

As were the young staff, again the stars of 2020. Cheery and chatty, and happy to be paid in cash money despite the omnipresent card reader.

I left uplifted, with hope for the future. And not many people in the Langtons say that.

16 thoughts on “JIMMY HILL’S KOSSAK

  1. I see from your route you gave us a very wide berth! Sensible…

    When the Langton Arms reopened a couple of years ago, rescued from the stifling death-grip of Greene King, I rushed excitedly over to see whether we’d gained a pub in the valley, or lost one to the local Landrover & Spaniel market. I thought the bar area at the front was quite decent actually, and the Charnwood Brewery beer was light and.. err, light, and far more interestingly hopped than the local Langton glop. Good news then, and yet… I’ve not actually been back as yet. It’s that kind of place, ‘good enough’ I think, but not really my kind of village hovel tbh. The recently reopened George at nearby Ashley is much more my thing, and currently aiming to open proper old-fangled opening hours all week when allowed to.

    Glad to see they’ve maintained a decent beer choice though, I did wonder whether they’d backslide to the industry standard round here of a dull national and an even duller local by now.

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    1. Mark,
      Mention of “the local Landrover & Spaniel market” got me pondering how many spaniels I might expect for a Land Rover.


    1. Rattles were issued to ARP wardens during the Second World War. They were used as a way to warn people when there were possible gas attacks.

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      1. Rattles were used by many football fans in the fifties. I got mine in the fifties to help encourage my team Oldham Athletic. Didn’t help much !


  2. “…three beers you’ve never heard of in the Langton Arms”

    Excuse me! I had that Rich Ruby (well not from the same barrel, obviously, but the same brewer’s ale) about 10 years ago – quite tolerable, as I recall. Milestone beers used to be quite ubiquitous between here (Peterborough way on) & Nottingham – commonly seen in the local ‘Spoons. Admittedly not seen them recently though, but not been near a pub recently either ;o(


    1. I like Milestone beers, Clive. As you say, they were ubiquitous in a certain patch of the east Midlands and particularly Spoons. Like other established small brewers such as my own Milton and Mordue, they get lost in the dual crazes for constant newness or dirt cheap beer.


  3. A hamburger is something that you can eat in the hand, standing up, outside. I think that it’s why some practically-minded German invented them.

    Why restaurants simply don’t offer a Viennese steak, with salad, chips, and bread on the side – both to save them the time of assembly and us the fiddle of deconstructing these ever more elaborate but unconsumable structures – I don’t know.

    And don’t get me started on “gastro” menus…

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  4. “continues in virtual form”

    Most things are in bloody virtual form theses days.*

    * – luckily that hasn’t for afternoon ‘snuggles’… yet. 😉

    “No, you need to sell beers like these;”

    I say, that Wicked Witch pump clip is a bit… unwoke. 🙂

    “a lovely gastropub for folk escaping the slums of Market Harborough on a Monday lunchtime”

    I’m assuming, from the photo below, that they get to pick their own cow?

    “As if.”

    I was totally fooled…. NOT! 🙂

    “and I choose he low chairs out of sight”

    Men only chairs were they? 😉

    “I can’t hear a thing except old folk reading out the menu”

    Hang on; you said earlier menus were anti-British.

    Oh, wait; that only applied to beer menus.

    “and I can only leave my chair (masked) for the loo,”

    Sigh. I did an inspection of a helicopter today for a bank (i.e. to make sure there actually was one as collateral) and when I phoned to inquire what I needed bring the fellow replied ‘bring a mask’. And then he laughed on the phone and said ‘just kidding’. 🙂

    “Who could POSSIBLY think this is better than a barrel of Bass.”

    Obviously those with no sense of taste!

    “as ’50s football memorabilia pleasingly replaced the ubiquitous soft porn.”

    I dunno. You can almost see up that fellow’s white shorts at the top of the poster.

    “And not many people in the Langtons say that.”

    Yes, but they’re not leaving the Langtons, like you are. 😉


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