Beer Guide entries named after 20th century humans. A select club. Actually, I’ve no idea who Bob Carter is, he may have a Norwich City inside right from the 1930s, but Drayton’s tidy Sports Centre bears his name.

You’ll have noticed the Norfolk DIDN’T make my Counties Top 10, despite the 31 beers in the Fat Cat (yawn) and the coast (yawn) and improving Dereham.

Drayton is a typical west Norwich village-cum-suburb, the Flixton of the east.

Drayton has a petrol station (all night), Barclays Bank, two post offices, butcher, doctors’ surgery and late night pharmacy, Lloyd’s chemist, baker, patisserie, florist, four hairdressers, beautician, dress shop, two industrial estates and several public houses including the Cock Inn and the Red Lion, and Stower Grange hotel and restaurant. It also has three Tesco outlets.

Drayton also has Low Road Potato Farm which serves the local community and businesses with potatoes and vegetables.”

If you live in Carluke and dream of all night petrol station, THREE Tesco outlets and real ale, then Drayton may be for you*.

Looking at the OS extract now, with rivers, airports, an Ambulance HQ that Mrs RM worked at for a bit, and a rifle range, I feel I may be selling Drayton short.

But finding the entrance to Bob’s was the best bit.

At least there’s a nice picture of Felixstowe, Suffolk’s 4th best resort, at the entrance to remind you of treasures over the border.

They seem delighted to see me on the day Lockdown 2 is announced, and I’m delighted their bar is open.

There are two other blokes in the bar, neither of whom have been playing badminton either. What even is badminton ?

They’re discussing “Oasis people“, which could be about the Gallaghers, or folk who drink flavoured water, or somewhere in the desert that is Broadland.

The lovely lady reels off a short list of beers and as usual I pick the first one so I won’t have to remember it or make a decision.

It’s called Little Sharpie, probably from Humpty Dumpty, and it tastes superb.

A lovely chap, probably the steward, recognises the GBG ticker (there were 732 of them over that week alone) and apologises for the lack of beers.

One beer is plenty, often more than enough” someone says.

Onward !

*Can you tell I’m struggling with this one ?


  1. “Actually, I’ve no idea who Bob Carter is”

    He’s either:

    – the head of Norfolk’s RG Carter Group* or;

    – the senior interpretive guide at the Drayton Hall in South Carolina**.

    “I feel I may be selling Drayton short.”

    By a farthing?

    “But finding the entrance to Bob’s was the best bit.”

    I hear finding the (actual) entrance to any bloody pub these days might be a chore!
    (when they were open that is)

    “What even is badminton ?”

    It’s tennis… with a cock. 😉

    “and as usual I pick the first one so I won’t have to remember it or make a decision.”

    Sign of the times that, innit?

    ““One beer is plenty, often more than enough””

    You know, that could catch on.



    ** –
    (with a minor typo in the name) 🙂

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  2. They took the cheap option of diverting the road when they extended the runway I see. I guess there is no knowledge of tunnel building in Norfolk, their one railway tunnel having closed many years ago.

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  3. Mr Sharp had to have a pint of Humpty Dumpty Little Sharpie when we were somewhere in Norfolk (forgotten where -must have been stunning ) he pronounced it excellent !

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  4. What exactly is a”train station building?”

    Whilst, like most of the civilised world, I’m delighted at the demise of the orange one in the White House, let’s not go overboard in our enthusiasm for all things American.

    It’s a railway station surely, despite what doctored OS map might say.

    As for Bob Carter, he must be former US President Jimmy’s brother.


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