We are in Lockdown.

I know we’re in crisis, what with Man United about to replace Ole with Big Sam and other important stuff, but your prayers for pub tickers are appreciated. Where will we find blog material for the next four weeks ?

Well, I’ve just spent a wonderful day walking round That London.

22 kilometres. eight pints, five ticks, three classics revisited. Never felt safer in pubs, heartbreaking they’ve just closed.

I even popped in Pret a Manger on Grays Inn Road to support them.

It does mean I’ve enough blog material in the tank for a fortnight or so, and after that I’ll take requests e.g. What’s the best craft bar in Carluke ? or Stella, Fosters or Carling – which is closest to Bass ?

Stay safe, be kind to each other. Even the spouse who comes home pissed with some Chinese takeaway, falls over and smashes a Denby dish.


16 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

    1. Probably a populist politician.

      Johnson has already rowed back from his “vow” not to extend the lockdown after 2 December. He’ll be able to keep his word by introducing a “different” lockdown instead. Very nimbly done, nice footwork.

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  1. “22 kilometres. ”

    22 km in just under two hours walking? That’s quite the pace!

    And, 8 pints; were they all yours or shared?

    “or Stella, Fosters or Carling – which is closest to Bass ?”

    That will keep folk arguing for months! 😉

    “Even the spouse who comes home pissed with some Chinese takeaway, falls over and smashes a Denby dish.”

    (slow golf clap)
    – oh, and it’s obvious from the above that all 8 pints were yours. 😉

    Sigh; I can’t imagine what that bloody feels like. My brother can though, as he’s in the same situation in France. He was bloody livid on our last Skype session this past weekend.

    I would say that I’d go have a pint for you over here, but I don’t think that would really lift anyone’s spirits.

    Keep blogging if possible. Over half of what you blog isn’t really about the beer anyway. 😉

    In solidarity (fist raised)

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    1. I think the 115 minutes is the health app measuring energetic walking, it was about 3 hours in total as I slow down to cross roads 😉

      Have a half litre for me 😉

      Loads of blog posts from the last week to come. BRAPA and I will be grateful for the time to catch up.


      1. Must say I had my doubts about the pace of walking – a swift bit of mental arithmetic gave ~7 mph! Well I could never keep up (not even for 100 yards); then scrolled on down and saw the confession.

        Bloody sensationalist postings! LOL


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