More of that blogging from places on the edge of Kettering that you’ve never heard of, even if you live there. Dave will be thrilled.

Barton Seagrave, eh ? Sounds like a latter day Madness album, doesn’t it ?, with video set in a disused Wicksteed Park next door and loads of primary school children whacking teachers. I’d never noticed its charms, to be honest.

The children were all leaving school at 3pm (skivers), their mums and dads daringly parked up in the Stirrup Cup, a completely random pub choice for me.

I’d done my walk, past the estate pub glory of the Piper and through the pocket park,

arriving at one of those tiny shopping arcades that look like they should house a micropub called “Ale Tairsters” or similar.

The Stirrup looks like chain Marston’s pub, even from outside.

Well, an Enterprise estate pub, close enough. There’s an ambitious programme of breakfasts, live jazz, quizzes and curry nights, which just shows Covid can’t break our spirits.

The theme is “Sports and Gin“, in case you didn’t guess.

Not much call for sport at 3.30 on a Wednesday, so you get multiple TVs showing NFL, EFL and IPL simultaneously to no-one.

Underneath the Italian flag (rare Prolapse reference there) three lads drink Fosters, and I rate my chances of a decent pint at 47%.

I’ve decided to obey the rules to the letter, and follow the nice barman obediently to a high table that gives me no chance of seeing the pumps.

Something local has gone so I opt for Bombardier in a Hooky glass.

Just off camera there’s a fly in that foam. It didn’t enhance the NBSS (3 +/-), but it didn’t detract from it either. The fly is now in an estate pub in Werrington, since you ask.

It’s not a classic, but as Easy FM plays the Commodores and Simply Red I realise there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Except Titchmarsh…


  1. 2020 (and 2019) truly is (are) the year(s) of The Kettering Estate Pub. The local beer was a breakfast pint of Oakham Ales something or other when I walked around without a mask last year, which immediately endeared the place to me. As did the skittles table and missus creche (cafe). I’d happily use this pub as my local, if it was my local. Try the classic ‘estate pub enthusiasts estate pub’, the Mikado Pheasant next time your in K-Town and get the set!

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      1. Good luck with that! Maybe switch the COVID tracker off when you’re in there, a red dot and a ‘grounded’ instruction is the last thing you need now the new guide’s out…

        Try also: The Cordwainer (nra, meat raffle)

        My greatest Kettering estate pub regret is missing flat-roof classic the Leather Craftsman before someone rather neglectfully bulldozed the place. I’m just so glad I never developed a desire to visit retail park Harvesters etc. because Kettering has quite a few…

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      2. I was in a pub (that I won’t name) last week. It was wonderful. Blokes banter, breweriana, beautiful BBB (and other “B”s). The sunlight shone through the large window as a chap entertained us from a table 3 metres away. I could see the droplets come from his mouth and all I could think was “It’s Covid coming at me !” even though the chance of him having it was about 1 in 1,000. I left.


      3. I’d imagine the Mikado Pheasant has got it about right, these larger estate pubs have the luxury of applying genuine social distancing (if they choose to). It’s the littler boozers we’re getting more wary of…


    1. My market research (1,073 drunk Brummies interviewed between 1-9 October) showed a clear gap in the market. Whether it’s the GBG or me filling it will be revealed on the 29th.

      Paul who ? (that’s your answer).


  2. “The children were all leaving school at 3pm (skivers), their mums and dads daringly parked up in the Stirrup Cup”

    I know it’s a bit cliche but why can’t the wee ones these days use leg power to get bloody home?

    “and through the pocket park,”

    That’s where all the lost keys wind up, innit? 🙂

    “which just shows Covid can’t break our spirits.”


    “The theme is “Sports and Gin“, in case you didn’t guess.”

    From the photo below I thought it was France (pre 1794 of course) or ‘stay the hell out’ (taken from the maritime flag code ‘tango’ meaning ‘keep clear of me’).. But I could be wrong.

    “Underneath the Italian flag (rare Prolapse reference there) three lads drink Fosters,”‘

    That’s only because Wales has closed its borders (note the flag to the right). 😉

    “Just off camera there’s a fly in that foam. ”

    Free pint!

    “but as Easy FM plays the Commodores and Simply Red”

    Crickey! Haven’t had that on via the Internet in ages!
    (used to download an hour’s worth to play in the car on trips out of town)

    “Except Titchmarsh…”

    No comment. 🙂



    1. “Except Titchmarsh…”

      I just saw that that’s your next post! I believe I shall stop now and get suitably prepared to reply tomorrow. 🙂



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