I was going to do an overnighter in the Isle of Wight this week and complete the GBG entries there, but;

a) The Isle of Wight doesn’t actually exist, does it ?

b) I couldn’t get up at 4am so I could catch the 9am Southsea hovercraft

c) Honestly, have you ever suffered the Southern Vectis buses ?

In normal years by now I’d have been six weeks into the new GBG, with loads of entries to do on day trips.

But today my nearest new tick would be this one

Yes, only 2:54 hours to the Foxhunter (ooh, Felinfioel) in Gwent, but the Welsh Tourist Board really don’t want me, so for now it’s a choice between the Lake District and Devon until the new GBG puts me out of my misery.

Here’s where I stand. The green “counties” are complete.

Given that we lost nearly four months, it’s not a bad picture. 94% of the Beer Guide visited, 98% of the English entries. Only five “counties” left to complete.

But that last 6%, or even 2% are really tough. Weird places in the Isle of Wight or the Scillies only accessible by horse and trap. The Isle of Man completely out of bounds. Scots in kilts at Carluke turning you back.

This is where it gets interesting.


  1. “so for now it’s a choice between the Lake District and Devon ”

    Lake District. No question.

    “Here’s where I stand. The green “counties” are complete.”

    After seeing that; Devon for the win.

    “This is where it gets interesting.”

    Ooh, ooh! Why not try virtual tastings? Al the rage (or so I hear), and you can finish a place without actually being there!
    (only partly kidding)


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  2. Impressive spreadsheet. Great green swathes, Greensward.
    The yellow highlights seem to be on some “to do” counties but not on others. What does this signify ?

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