All good things come to an end in a sleepy village which Russ will find something to snigger at, and so it was that my Hampshire GBG20 escapades came to an end in Botley.

Wherever that is.

Described as the “most delightful village in the UK” by one William Cobbett, who was named after a GBG entry in Farnham.

It’s pretty enough, but Mrs RM failed to share my enthusiasm to explore, possibly due to an anxiousness the unexpected closure of the “facilities”.

My own anxiousness was to begin a second after finding the alley to the Cracklerock Brewery Tap.

Sorry ? Sorry ? Haven’t they heard of last tick in a county stress.

I’m not going anywhere !” I said to Mrs RM, whose distress levels rose.

She nipped round the back of the building, considering setting off a fire alarm to cause an evacuation.

Instead we asked the locals coming to the entrance to join the loo queue for an appraisal of our chances of ever getting in.

They weren’t good, with my whine that “I’ve come from Cambridge !” pitiful. Even my CAMRA gold card was of no use.

So we joined the queue for a takeout.

The guvnor was a star, apologetic that he was full (!), he might even have given me a taster while I waited for 4 pints of something 6.2% and gorgeous that Mrs RM had for breakfast on the Sunday. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The busiest bar in Botley ? Probably. Let’s hope it’s as busy when BRAPA tries to get here in 2022.

12 thoughts on “NERVY TIMES IN BOTLEY

  1. “which Russ will find something to snigger at”

    Who, me?
    (smiles angelically)

    “Wherever that is.”

    Surely near someone’s ‘end’. West or Hedge being the odds on favourites. 😉

    “Sorry ? Sorry ? Haven’t they heard of last tick in a county stress.”

    Indeed! And who nicked all of their tables? Unless they mean occupied, of course. 🙂

    “considering setting off a fire alarm to cause an evacuation.”

    Are we talking evacuation of the people inside or… 😉

    “So we joined the queue for a takeout.”


    “Let’s hope it’s as busy when BRAPA tries to get here in 2022.”

    They let him come in as he’ll still have Colin with him. 😉



  2. Well done on finishing a tough county. I didn’t quite warm to Cracklerock, probably because we were rushing to a game at Hamble and picked a couple of average beers. It was quiet then but assume a better atmosphere when busy. Did I miss the memo that said we all had to take mascots?


    1. YOU are your own mascot, Duncan. At this moment replica Pubmeisters are being built in a factory in Mold.

      I think that more than any other pub type the small pub/tap experience depends on the people. I could only observe it passing through, sadly, but can confirm their beer makes you drunk (though it didn’t drink like a 6.2 % beer).

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  3. It’s frankly ridiculous that CAMRA branches are ‘still‘ not enforcing the ‘Purple velvet roped-off area for VIP pub tickers’ motion, a prerequisite of all GBG entries since unanimous vote at AGM 2014. Gold membership card not required, simply state your purpose (“Do you know who I am!” or similar) for preferential ‘Froth & Flunky’ service, deep cushioned ‘cask breather’ chair, selection of markers, and choice of plant pots. I can bring this up (again) on the happy discourse group if you like…

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