Congrats to Pub Curmudgeon, who identified my location from the scantest of information.

Some of you have asked for live blogging, so here I am, the worse for wear, eating halloumi and drinking Bays in Teignmouth Spoons.

It’s a poor way to end the night before I head back to my campervan parked for free on the prom,

but I’ll be laughing if it gets in GBG21, and to be honest it’s better beer than the other entries but I didn’t say that.

August may be gone but Teignmouth is partying like Covid has gone, and today’s 2988 cases are a statistical anomaly.

Plenty of young people on the pull or the piss. Are they all from Dawlish?

Not much of a view from table 40, between the disable loo (most disabilities are invisible, seemingly) and the bar.

I’d say it’s half full on a Sunday night, which is a good 100 punters.

I’d been hoping for Bass in the Ship, but instead it’s Bay’s (NBSS 3) and cider from Pontypridd, which I’m still waiting for.

Behind me, a group of Devon lasses are playing drinking games with shots. And people say Spoons aren’t proper pubs.

Ah, here’s the cider.

Don’t wake me up.


  1. Recent research suggests that because the test for Corona virus is so sensitive, it is picking up traces of dead virus from infections people might previously have had, but not been aware of – asymptomatic?
    So potentially lots of false positives that the press aren’t telling us about. As ever though, the “meejah” never look beyond the headline, because scare stories sell newspapers; cold hard science doesn’t.

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    1. I retweeted that very story on my Twitter account yesterday, Paul.

      Yes, no reason to panic, but of course the BBC will encourage us to panic at every opportunity for the clicks.

      2 deaths and low hospitalisation not mentioned in their frankly pathetic reporting.

      Can you feel the anger?

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      1. I can Martin, because this type of biased reporting not only induces panic amongst the public, but could lead to further, and unnecessary lockdown measures.

        No doubt pubs will be blamed for any increase in cases, no matter how tentative the connection. 🀨

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      2. Well, we’ve been firehosed with so much inaccuracy and vagueness from HMG, and there have been so many changes and U-turns in the way that tests are deemed “positive” or “negative”, along with constantly shifting the criterions as to whether a given death was attributable to this virus or not, that it’s hard to make sense of much in this country any more on that front. Especially when the whole thing is shrouded in a palpable lack of transparency.

        Our chums in the media are only human too – I wouldn’t want to have to report on this shocking mess and be expected to be capable of being relied upon.

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  2. “August may be gone”

    Lovely pic just above.

    “(most disabilities are invisible, seemingly)”

    Now there’s a comment on our current society. πŸ˜‰

    “Behind me, a group of Devon lasses are playing drinking games with shots.”

    Is that shot glasses or photos to embarrass each other with the next day?

    “Don’t wake me up.”

    Does cider put you to sleep?


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